A ZDF program dealt with the issue on 18.06.2013 ready meals. Conclusion: The quick ready meals are often better than their reputation.

Hard to believe that the Germans give each year from the enormous sum of 20 billion euros for ready made meals. However, the fast food enjoys from the supermarket or discount store a rather bad reputation. In view of numerous food scandals in recent years, many consumers are right to ask how good the quality of ready meals given the favorable prices really is. ZDF probed and tested, among other things Dr. Oetker pizza, gourmet fillet of Iglo, a quick pasta dish of Miracles, Hacksteaks of solar Bassermann, potato salad Homann and cans of ravioli Maggi.

Ready meals are harmless in terms of health

Almost every German has ever brought a quick ready made meal on the table. Also starred chef Nelson Muller, the ZDF committed as a tester for his mission was to frankly to have fed during his training mainly of canned ravioli and lasagna finished. Today, however, he would serve no more ready meal, he places great emphasis on fresh, quality ingredients. Nevertheless the Worst tested ready meals not cut everything into everything. The ZDF was investigating three finished eating in a laboratory Brunswick. This was to pork, chicken and rice soup vegetables. The result: the canned or packed food had similarly high values ​​as the self-fabricated foods. What the health aspect was concerned, the experts presented no significant differences between freshly prepared food and ready meals determined from the supermarket.


However, in some ready meals caution. So you learned in the program, that it is so called ham to form a “sausage” is composed entirely of leftover meat and meat only using a special glue gets her appetizing form. Even in the popular not only in children chicken nuggets not only lean chicken meat is included. The greater part consists of fat, skin and bones, which is held together by a pampige wheat water mixture. Not only gourmets and professional chefs are likely to shudder at such jazzed finished products.

The taste can convince ready meals less

The most important thing in food, to test the taste, invited chef Nelson Muller a a couple of friends who tasted the finished dishes. Here, the result was clear: convince taste could ultimately only two of eight products and thus a minority. While the asparagus soup and cream of wheat sections satisfactorily tested the spaghetti bolognese mundeten rather not. Professional chef Mueller came to the conclusion that one can consume quite ready meals, without need to have a guilty conscience. However, it is important also to cook, to train your taste buds.