Yoga is a physical and mental discipline of the original Asia which has as its main purpose the meditation and the total relaxation of mind and muscles. This doctrine has slowly been able to win many adherents also in Europe and America, although in the course of time it has undergone major changes, becoming mostly a form of gymnastics which look vaguely oriental. Here is a guide on the location of the tree, also known as vrikshasana. Very simple, along with the practice of the discipline mother, will help you find your inner peace, to better coordinate the muscles and strengthen the feet and ankles. How to do yoga will illustrate, in addition to the correct position to take, even the breathing to keep to reap the greatest possible benefits.


The location of the tree or vrikshasana in appearance may seem very simple, but in reality it requires a good deal of concentration and application. Must be done through careful breathing , vital to coordinate mind and body. In the ascetic disciplines such as yoga and meditation, the search for balance symbolizes physical and reminiscent of the mind. Obviously it will be well first of all focus on the attitude and be able to assimilate the physical movements require. Initially, you can make use of a mirror that will certainly be a great help to achieve this. Proceeding with practice you’ll have to learn to focus more on yourself until Stradivari space around you.

You will need to start erect, with your legs together, arms outstretched to the sides of the body, heels and toes of the feet in contact with each other and the stomach contained. Contract the muscles of your abs and simultaneously cured breathing and coelenterate enough. Stand still taking rigid muscles of the hips and thighs. Concentrate your attention on contact with the soil of the plants and try to distribute your weight on both feet in search of the perfect balance.

slowly bending your right leg, grab your ankle with your hand and place the sole of the foot inside the left thigh. The knee is then bent to move outwards. Initially, if the foot will tend to slide, hold it with your right hand. Turn your palms forward and straighten your arms. At the end, melt the location and rerun the exercise with your left leg, changing the support foot. If at first you have any problems with balance, know that practice and perseverance will make things easier.