Basic Series kundalini yoga exercises for holidays.

Says the ancient Ayurvedic medicine (which is very hand with the history of yoga), which in summer in the atmosphere increases the pitta dosh with fire (heat) and predominant water, so it is necessary to compensate for our physical and mental health with activities that support cool the body and mind, being basic breathing exercises (pranayama), to achieve this end.

It is advisable to keep a single space is home to perform your yoga exercises with a single cushion or blanket particularly where they can sit back and do his meditation or pranayama. This cushion or blanket is easy to pack it in your suitcase or handbag when it comes to vacation, and one takes positive energy which has been working days, months or years and also serves as a reminder to our practice constant. This article will share these simple exercises as a basic set of kundalini yoga to stay on holiday seeking effective stretching energy for physical and inner body where your chakras continue their constant movement:


1. Push the column.

Sitting in easy pose take flexibilities ankles and forward (making sure that your chest open your heart) while inhaling, exhaling relax the spine back giving deep flex ion his column. Keep your head steady, it is we want to give me back an invigorating massage. Finally hold your breath, apply mulbhand (root lock: tightening genitals, as if holding the feeling of going to the bathroom), and exhale relaxing posture. Inhale and exhale through the nose always. Perform the exercise for three minutes.

Two. Push to the sides.

Continuing in easy pose, take each one shoulder with the thumb on his back keeping your elbows parallel to the floor and, without moving your head, turn from the base of your spine to the left to inhale and right to exhale. Hold your breath To finish, apply the root lock (mulbhand) and exhale. Perform the exercise for three minutes remembering always inhale and exhale through the nose. This exercise can be done standing or sitting on his heels.

Three. Stretch legs alternately.

Sitting spreading his legs to a comfortable width for you, inhale at its center and flexibilities from the hip to the left side when exhaling down to touch the tips of her fingers, inhale back to center and down to the right side to exhale. The exercise is done keeping the back straight, so if your flex enough to touch with your hands the knees or mid-calf, it is right to start working on your flexibility with a tonnage without hurting your back.

With these three exercises that are used at the beginning of classes in kundalini yoga, meets a time of 9 minutes procuring positive energy to your body, practicing breathing to improve his lungs and inner strength and promote circulation in your body. By adding to this over time 3 minutes Sitali pranayama meditation, have a basic set to strengthen, relax, detoxify and of course to continue their regular yoga practice at home and in any any where you are.