While the majority of society is now familiar with yoga and its benefits, this fitness discipline offers far more than initially meets the eye. Few people respect the subtle and often unheralded advantages offered by yoga, for example, particularly it’s potential to protect the joints of those who partake in repetitive and demanding exercises such as running. Distance runners can benefit greatly by practicing yoga regularly before training, as this aids balance and optimises the flexibility in their joints.

Yoga Practice

How to Practice Yoga Safely and Effectively

With the benefits of yoga in mind, what steps can you take to ensure that you practice this safely and effectively? Consider the following: –

  1. Learn about Yoga and its Origins

To become truly proficient at anything, you must commit to a steady and immersive program of learning. This should be done with a keen attention to detail, as you strive to learn about everything from yoga’s ancient history to its individual exercises and disciplines. This will afford you a unique insight into yoga and its primary purpose, so that you can fully appreciate its benefits and treat every movement with the respect that it deserves. Over time, this will translate into superior execution and the development of a tailored exercise regime that utilises yoga to its fullest potential.

  1. Start Slowly as you Learn your Craft

As anyone with a broad knowledge of yoga will testify, there is a wide range of exercises available to practitioners. While some (such as those associated with deep breathing) are relatively easy to learn and perform, there are others that will test your stamina and balance and push you to the limits of your physical ability. It is therefore important to start relatively slowly while you learn your craft, perhaps by performing two or three minute sessions prior to a burst of cardiovascular exercise. As your ability and fitness levels improve, you can embark on longer sessions and attempt more challenging exercises.

  1. Practice Safely and Avoid Injury

On a final note, your ambition when practicing yoga should always be tempered by safe and responsible practice. This is crucial, especially when you consider the challenging nature of advanced yoga exercises and the physical strain that they can place on the human body. You will also need to consider the challenges facing recruitment in the healthcare sector, where the demand for workers often supersedes supply. To stay safe at all times, use a suitable yoga mat and ensure that you are fully trained in using other accompanying items of equipment such as weights. Finally, exercise caution when first attempting exercises and stop the moment that you feel pain or considerable discomfort.