Yoga holidays are springing up like mushrooms after rain but that offer is really worth the money?

For many avid yogini, it is absolutely a dream: to travel off somewhere where it’s quiet and beautiful, and where every day, quietly yoga can be practiced. But as these can break multi-day trips a pretty big hole in the budget, you should be well informed beforehand. Of the many different sides that want to help you decide, here are three briefly presented.

A very large English side in the market at least announce the makers proud to have recorded 600 visitors per day. The focus here is clearly on a general list: can not find record of each and every retreat center that has a certain amount of advertising budget. The index therefore seems at first glance to be somewhat chaotic. Only at the second one recognizes that the search is divided into first holidays, retreats and center is the next step is on the desired month of travel. And each center (retreat, vacation) a brief description and a direct link to your page, where those interested can learn more about the different options.


Yoga with conviction

We found a fairly new site with English and German interface and follows a simple principle: It will be listed only center offering multi-day retreats, workshops and teacher training courses, and even the world’s best. To 108 times it will be (because this number has in many Far Eastern cultures a sacred significance), 41 there are currently (as of 05/02/2012). The search is divided by country and quite easy, just like the rest of the page. At each center, a well-researched and informative description of an environment map and a related link found to the side of the Center on the World Wide Web. Admission is through international credit ratings (for the ball to get rolling, can each visitor to the site also suggest his personal favorite center), in many centers, the makers were but even himself on the spot, have conducted interviews, first-class photos shot and offered courses attended.

So the information comes through the state of accommodation, food quality and beauty of the surroundings, as a rule first hand. Yoga in India and it is called for now as e-book on the page (or her sister , an offshoot specifically for the Indian space) available. Listed are 24 top yoga centers in India, which have all been personally visited and approved, with a foreword by BKS Iyengar himself as a very special treat.