The yoga is a great way to stay or get in shape, all you need is willpower, perseverance and above all the ability to listen to your body. During exercise it is important to focus on your breathing and above all to think about pleasant things, so you can relax more easily. Now I’m going to list the simplest exercises of yoga to relax.

One of the most simple is definitely the Anjali Mudra , especially suited to beginners. First you have to sit cross-legged, join their hands by matching perfectly the palms and keep your fingers stretched tight between them but, at heart level. Close your eyes, breathe in slowly and deeply, and then think about pleasant things . Thus you will begin to relax.


The Sukhasana, also called “simple location” is our second location . The legs and torso remain in the previous position whereas changing the arms. Bring hand on each knee corresponding holding the palm up. For at least 60 seconds have to, keep the back straight and breathe gently as always thinking of pleasant things. This exercise is great for stress, the anxiety, but also for the spine and relieve fatigue.

The third position is called Marjaryasana, also called “cat stance”. Place your knees and palms on the floor, keeping your back straight up and orienting the head down. The knees must be perfectly aligned with your hips and wrists in correspondence with the shoulders. This exercise is a massage to the spine and internal organs of the abdomen.

The Bitilasana is the fourth position, also called “position of the cow.” Again, this is an absolutely simple and simply reverse the arc drawn from the back. In this case, the torso should be bent downwards while instead the head upward. This exercise is suitable for abdominal organs , the kidneys, the adrenal glands , but above all to calm the nerves.