The cellulite is a problem that characterizes 99% of women of any age. The factors that cause it are numerous and easily identifiable in our eating habits and more. For these reasons enough to act on the causes to keep the situation under control and not get worse over time. In the next few lines I will explain how to do yoga against this imperfection, the main enemy of many. Follow carefully, put aside laziness and pull out all your good will, be consistent and you’ll see that you’ll get the best results .

Place a mat on the floor, the kind of gym or a blanket to make the softest part . The positions against the cellulite are different, first of all there is the “camel”, and to run it you have to put in the knee on the ground , move your arms back and place your hands on your heels and lift your buttocks . Push as much as possible the pelvis forward and keep your head tilted back. Hold this position for 3 minutes.


Then there is the “lotus with arms raised”: sitting with legs crossed (the doldrums of the right foot on the left thigh and vice versa) you’ll have to raise my arms. Cross your hands and bring your palms. In this exercise you are engaging the muscles of the interior and outer thighs. You have to stay that way for 3 minutes.

Finally, there is the “position of the hero” Put yourself in the foot and move your body weight on one leg. Bend your torso forward, keep your arms straight and your hands and lift the other leg joints. Dovre keep well for 3 minutes. In this way, thighs and buttocks are involved .

As with any physical activity that you respect, it is good before you start, take a nice warm the muscles. So a good walk, a run, a bit of time by bicycle or exercise bike, half an hour on the tread -mill, what you like more, but the important thing is that you are piping hot before practicing the exercises that I have proposed in the previous rows. Also take a bit ‘of stretching. To control the cellulite

To control the cellulite you have to be careful even food, eliminate fat and fried foods, do not smoke, and above all you have to drink lots of water, at least two liters a day, which will allow you to eliminate excess fluids. Always moisturized the skin to make it more elastic!