The following text deals with the theme of “Fit For Summer” and includes tips and information to this target gez mainly through regular

Do something good for the body

The hot temperatures approaching, the recreational activities are shifting to the long, cold winter and short spring season back outside and especially during the warm season you can again like the pounds. And especially in summer, it is important for most people to be fit. Summer is the season during which you spend the most time outside the four walls and is taking some things with friends, acquaintances or even alone. Therefore it is appropriate in view of the summer to get fit and increase its sports activities a little.

How do I make myself fit for the summer?

The answer to this question is simply one hand, but on the other hand quite diverse. The answer is generally movement. However, one must here between sports, club sports as different in terms of football or handball, and movement in the area of ​​basic fitness. Particularly suitable to keep fit or to make are jogging, (Nordic) walking and cycling. The latter in particular is well suited for those who want to quickly and easily fit. By bike you can cruise through the area with sunshine and clean burning sweat, which is good for body and mind. In large cities such as Munich routes were built here here that are specifically geared to the cyclist.


Cycling as a popular folk sport

Sports do not you look at it on – you practice it out yourself. And that is exactly announced. cycling cycling is compared to jogging or walking comparatively simple, yet burned more calories at the same intensity over the same period and thus done more for fitness than the classic jogging or (Nordic) Walking . Therefore cycling is to get fit. Another advantage is that one is compared to gyms directly in the fresh air and also relatively easy to travel great distances.

In addition, you can increase the intensity in a very simple manner. To increase the intensity, you can from a simple wheel on mountain bikes or e-bikes than mountain bikes change. Thus, it is in open terrain, can climb slopes and must concentrate throughout. This is therefore a very good fitness program for both body as well as the ability to concentrate Fitzgerald. Movement on a bicycle is good for the goal of “fit for the summer.”

At ISPO Bike Fair 2012 in Munich last year were shown the trends in the two-wheelers. As well as sports functionality the lifestyle design assumed a significant role. And exactly this optical design is hot right now even with the e-bikes, which are supported with a Three motor. Providers, such as offer e-bikes than mountain bikes , which are provided with a sophisticated good technologist to overcome difficult obstacles in railings at high speeds. And that such functions are very much in demand in the city on the darling with different slopes.