Distributed over the Internet slimming and building products contain ingredients sometimes life-threatening. More on ZDF on 1 July at 19.25 clock

WISO is a consumer magazine in the ZDF, which is sent each Monday from 19.25 bis 20.15 clock clock. The show is devoted primarily to the areas of “economic and social” from the point of view of workers and pensioners, consumers and tenants and is powered by two presenters, Michael moderated in exchange. On 1 July hot topics “retirement without risk – or immediate annuity income plan”, theme parks and frozen chicken. The focus however is the topic of the health dangers from the Internet.

Health hazards in construction and slimming preparations

The German customs introduced last year, more than 2.5 million tablets safely.

But how great is the amount of smuggled illegal means to Germany, is not known. Then there is the huge market on the internet, can be obtained from the slimming and building products. The ZDF consumer magazine “WISO” has had to investigate 12 products that can be purchased over the Internet. Of these 12 products containing seven ingredients preparations, which are “potentially harmful” classified up to “life-threatening” in between “least concern”. These ingredients are not allowed or not marketed on the Internet, but are administered by pharmacies with a doctor’s supervision. But just build online pharmacies increasingly competitive to conventional pharmacies., As a recent study has pointed out.


Lethal mixtures and hazards of the cardiovascular system

Thanks WISO and the research of the editorial WISO Centre for Health North Rhine-Westphalia could issue a warning, based in Muenster, which has far beyond the borders of Germany found attention. The slimming and building products had been previously studied in LTM NRW. Sibutramine is now banned on the German market because it can cause violent reactions of the cardiovascular system part. WISO let the ultra slimming effect and Leisure investigate 18th The lab found therein ultramarine.

In two performance-enhancing drugs for athletes building, namely M1D and Dianabol, found the lab DHEA. DHEA is a precursor of the hormone testosterone. Calls out testosterone in men and breast growth in women male body hair. In a further means that LTM was. Earlier this preparation was allowed as an appetite suppressant for weight loss. But because it caused an increased risk of suicide among users, it has since been banned.

False declaration to facilitate import

The LTM NRW able to report that the declaration of the selected resources often do not match the reality. Will often chosen as the Declaration, the term “pure organic”. This applies for funds to improve performance, virility, as a hair growth tonic or as a means for losing weight. The term “pure organic” but could mean the only vegetable tracks are included.