The reasons unknown cause many people weighing more than necessary


We live in a society where I more or less have a certain degree of over prisoner in a world where most of the population is struggling to survive. Implicitly or explicitly blames us because it makes us responsible for our diets. It comes to something like that if we are overweight is because that is what we have decided in the same way that smoking does because it’s your choice. In a series of reports of the prestigious BBC (The men who made us fat) we are told that food is an industry and as such has its interests. In the report we are taught as during the 40 years the number of calories consumed has increased, and has done well following a plan designed by food companies.

Not all calories are equal

Not only the quantity but also the quality of those calories has changed over the years. If a few decades ago, food that you could buy (the output) is based on carbohydrates and fats, over the years it has tended to eliminate fats (theoretically bad) and focus on it all the sweeter.


The public is generally unaware that sugars, especially fructose from corn, are metabolized in the liver largely becoming a particularly harmful type of fat for our body. Thus, theoretically low-fat food, if they are high in sugars, they can fatten bad and worse. This information is not available to the general public and therefore, does not allow people to make the right decisions in your diet.

Every time we eat more without realizing

On the other hand, the same document speaks of the tendency of feeding chains offer more quantity at a more affordable price, on the basis that the base material is very inexpensive, they can justify an increase rate by increasing the amount normally not proportional. Both supermarkets, and fast food chains or restaurants generally offer higher amounts coping mechanisms relying on deeply rooted in our cultural mind as the “termínatelo everything.”

An example is the appearance of more burgers or buckets of popcorn, based on the theory that people do not come back for a second helping, but if you offer more for a little more money, would remain. And then it ends. At the time of meals (and drinks) prepared contain substances that know its effects on our health and unconscious processes occurring in our mind and that are used by the industry, we can pose the question: What makes fatten we? “.