How can I get white teeth? With these tips, your teeth will be brightened softly and gently.

Actually, our teeth are not naturally really white but more off-white. Through food and drinks such as coffee, tea and juices but also can show dark red discoloration with the years. Smoking also leads to the discoloration of the teeth, which many people perceive as disturbing.

Consider first that the white, radiant smile of Hollywood stars does not come naturally concluded. From a medical perspective, the bleaching of the teeth is not necessary. However, it is fashionable, white teeth times are now a beauty ideal of our time. The good news: You can also whiten your teeth and gently and safely. There are several possibilities. One can first try himself with home remedies or a lightening toothpaste. If you want to play it safe, but go to the dentist or visited a beauty salon that offers a whitening.

The dentists can do for white teeth

One of the best and safest methods to finally get white teeth is to visit the dentist. Because this is in a position to the teeth to whiten professionally . Bleaching of the teeth at the dentist is ultimately responsible for the enamel and the gentlest gentlest method because of mixing your doctor as the substances that a good result is achieved, and the enamel is still preserved. The project uses hydrogen peroxide as a rule. We also know this from bleach bleaches, because it allows not only the teeth, but also lighten the hair. The treatment at the dentist, you have to pay yourself, the health insurance usually does not cover the cost.


Whiten teeth yourself with products from the drugstore

The range of products for whitening the teeth is big these days. There are several ways that you can try yourself at home. However, this should be kept in mind that the regular use of these agents may well attack the enamel. Popular and effective are called strips (strips) which are easily bonded to the teeth. There, they are allowed to act according to package directions and then pulls it off again. An alternative is a bleaching gel that is coated with a plastic rail to the teeth. The rail prevents the gel is dispersed and diluted in the mouth. After the prescribed reaction time, the gel is spat out and the mouth thoroughly rinsed.

Many people buy toothpaste that promises to whiten teeth. Such toothpaste contains abrasive particles that brighten the tooth. But the products are not necessarily recommended, especially not for permanent, daily use. Because the particles can abrade and damage the enamel of the teeth. Over time, the teeth are sensitive to heat or cold and it can even be favored decay. It is better off and apply a bleaching (eg twice a year), as the teeth to be treated daily with such toothpastes.

Home remedies for beautiful white teeth

Some home remedies are quite suitable to make the teeth appear lighter. Of course one can expect from such home remedies no miracles, but they are certainly worth a try, especially since they cost almost nothing. Common salt can be used in theory. It is added to the toothbrush and the teeth are brushed with it. But the effect is the same as in a toothpaste with abrasive particles. The salt grinds to speak from the top layer of the tooth enamel, making the teeth appear slightly whiter. Even if it is a natural remedy, treatment with salt is not tooth-friendly, but can attack the tooth enamel. Much better is to use baking soda. Baking powder is easily applied to the wet toothbrush and then used to clean the teeth. Repeat this treatment twice a month, then your teeth become whiter with time. Although the baking soda tastes somewhat unpleasant, but easily brightens the tooth gently on.