You have chosen to practice yoga but do not know what you need and what to wear? In this handy guide you’ll find out! Yoga is an ancient discipline, meditative and physical activity to restore balance and well-being of the body. Not only that, this discipline is also possible to find the balance of the spirit. It is also a way to relax and eliminate stress of everyday life. We practice with exercises designed to rediscover the unity between mind and body. The movements are very fluid and soft. The special postures, which are called asanas and controlled breathing are performed to relieve muscle tension and to find a deep sense of relaxation.

In the market are sold clothing for practicing yoga, it really does not need to necessarily buy, in fact it can save you wearing comfortable garments. First of all, we must choose t-shirt and tight pants, this fact should not hinder and hamper the execution of the movements. The ideal clothing should facilitate large movements without any problems.


The clothing for yoga should not be too heavy, indeed are preferred lightweight fabrics of natural origin, such as cotton. This helps keep the body cool and dry by absorbing perspiration. You should choose a tank top in cotton, during yoga move very arms, and not to hinder these movements better to opt for a piece of clothing without sleeves. During the exercises the t-shirt could get up if this can annoy better insert it in your pants or wear a tank top underneath.

Pants righteous will have to adapt to the shape of the body, should be comfortable and lightweight fabric In any case we must prefer tight pants to the ankle, so when they get these legs do not slip down or the instruction of the most active and lively is more appropriate to choose shorts may be worn also sports shorts or leggings.

Do not wear jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces or rings. Choose the style that best suits you, so you feel comfortable and do not keep thinking about your appearance, thereby diverting attention from the lesson. Finally, it is best to use only the socks to the feet without the shoes. In the market there are also non-slip socks to avoid falling with the most difficult positions.

Women should use a sports bra , to be even more comfortable. For the hair is good to pick them up in a ponytail or use a headband to keep them in order, and to make sure they do not go before his eyes.

If you practice yoga on a mat on which to perform the exercises should be included, or if it does not want to practice yoga at home, you can buy a mat rather subtle but even more often to do yoga in a more comfortable, in shops can be found just those for yoga. You must always carry at least two towels one to lay on the mat for hygiene and comfort, the other to dry if should there be the need.

To go to the gym better to use shoes that you can wear and take off easily. If you want to practice at home, there are also tools for the various types of yoga such as the deck, the belt and cube. In the gym you can also bring clothes to change into when you are finished.