The distortion is a phenomenon quite painful and verifiable on any joint in the body (knee , ankle , hands, elbows and shoulders ), caused by a sudden movement , and especially violent, ending with the one subjected to excessive stress and intense the its structure (up to determine the internal injury ). Below, I will show what to do in case of distortion in the joints (providing a number of useful tips ).

After any seemingly trivial accident (a fall, an effort or simply a distraction), the articulation occurs immediately reddened, swollen and sometimes surrounded by automaton by the color purple (these are the typical symptoms suggestive of injury ).

To soothe the first sharp pain, you must act promptly on hand, using simple but useful home remedies (or ice cubes wrapped in a cloth soft and light, to be placed gently on the backside). The cold fact is a great ally of the distortions and swelling caused by these. Never walk if the injury concerns the ankle or knee. Second, it is necessary to put to rest the area and cater to immobilize it with a protective bandage, cotton (easily available at pharmacies or department stores).

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The swelling and the external effects of the injury, generally tend to last 3-4 days (in the cases rather mild). In severe cases, however, the healing period may be prolonged up to 7-10 days (and in these cases it can also act by applying a salve targeted ). However, it should avoid walking intensely or put under stress the joint (even if after a few days, signs of significant improvements).

Please note that the distortion (if not overly severe), not necessarily causes the breakdown of the surrounding bone. Though apparently a phenomenon of little relevance, it is necessary to act quickly and with the right mode to above, avoiding long neglect the affected joint. Remember fact that the distortion, it can still cause damage to the joint capsule and ligaments (bringing if not treated properly, to more serious consequences for the future and not illustrator here for reasons of space).