Those with diabetes require special dietary plan, together with physical exercise represents the best prevention and treatment of disease.

Diabetes has become in recent years a real global danger from health problems, so that WHO considers the pandemic of the XXI century. Diabetes is a disease that affects the production of insulin by the pancreas, thereby raising the level of blood sugar, this is what is known as glucose. In this way influences the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates in food. Hence the importance of diet for diabetics, because it should be considered appropriate categories of nutrients, plenty of minerals and vitamins, healthy fats and quality carbohydrates.

Basic principles of a diabetic diet

It should take into account a number of recommendations when thinking about the right foods to a diet of people with diabetes, including:

* Do not overdo the amount of protein, this implies that meat should be eaten in moderation and accompanied by green salad.
* Include foods with fiber is suitable for this diet
* Be clear about the amount of calories they prepare servings for a diabetic it is important to maintain a healthy weight to your height and body type
* Increase polyunsaturated fats, such as omega-3 (available in nuts and fish for example)
* Reduce consumption of saturated fats or saturated fatty acids, generally present in animal products (meat and meat), but also in some vegetable oils .
* Knowing the amount of salt that food takes a portion


Food for a diabetic diet

In general must take into account those foods with nutrients so as to contribute to the normal function of the pancreas altered by diabetes, namely the formation of insulin and normalization of glucose metabolism. Among these foods, which add their input mineral or vitamin, are:

* Those with zinc, such as oatmeal, seafood, broccoli, nuts and mushrooms
* Those containing Vitamin B3 and the mineral chromium, such as whole grains and cereals
* The supplying manganese as beans or beans, peas, soybeans, squash, ginger and rice
* Those who provide vitamin B6, such as legumes, whole grains and green vegetables
* Those containing magnesium, such as dried fruits and dried

Check the nutrition professional

Diabetes is a complex disease that affects each person differently, because every body is different. This is why treatment often includes, in addition to a diet plan, medication and exercise. In this comprehensive sense, a proper diet should be indicated by a nutrition professional, doctor, dietitian, nutritionist or dietitian, taking into account the various diagnostic parameters to determine the appropriate meal plan as part of the treatment. It is known that “we are what we eat”, which is enhanced in diabetics, so the healthy maintenance of the body is beneficial to the patient and family.