The text explains the causes and effects of dementia such as Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, opportunities to prevent disease, detect and treat explains.

The diagnosis of dementia means mental deterioration. Acquired skills and memory functions lapse, language, coordination and concentration are impaired. The structure of the personality itself can be affected. By increasing life expectancy, the proportion of dementia especially in the elderly is steadily increasing. Currently have in Germany within the age group 65 plus about 20% of these weakened brain performance. Also significantly younger may be affected.

Why do you get dementia?

Circulatory disorders of the brain, stroke, thyroid function, cardiovascular disease and anemia are possible causes. With more than 50% of sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease is the neuronal basis. Alzheimer conditionally. Progressive destruction of nerve cells in the brain, it shrinks and decays Brain cells die, chemical processes, block the nerve pathways. Toxic effect plaque severs the connections between nerve cells. In the final stage, the patient is helpless and dependent, lost in a world without memory.Addiction such as alcohol and drug abuse support the development of dementia. Furthermore, pre-existing conditions such as depression or mental unhealthy, sedentary life guides trigger the brain decay.


How to recognize dementia?

Manage daily routines no longer concentration and sense of direction are missing, which is worth consulting the family doctor. Self-diagnosis is difficult, since any disruption of brain function could limit our ability for self-reflection. Depression can also act as a form of dementia, are much more treatable. Is suspected in a family member with dementia, so you should consider whether and how to overcome the potentially affected everyday life. If he succeeds even to wash his own, to dress, to go to the toilet and eat? Can he still calls independently, finance regulate, taking medication, household work?

Furthermore, a quick test with personal issues to address, location, age, birthplace, year of birth, date, day, and a simple math problem and help. More than 2 wrong answers to refer most likely to develop dementia. Physicians examine the possible dementia for example with the clock test. The patient is required to record a clock with a given time. If this is not possible or only strong, dementia is assumed. Further investigations will bring clarity.

Dementia can be cured?

No, the current state of medicine and research yet. There are drugs that slow the progression of the disease, and 1 – 2 years to stop deterioration, but not uniform act. Some sufferers can be helped, not others. Natural products such as ginkgo or preparations from calf blood promise help, but are not scientifically proven in their effectiveness. Methods for early detection and treatment of dementia are still in the stage of medical research and development.

How to prevent dementia?

Healthy diet with whole food products, for example, with lots of vegetables, fruit, fish and olive oil has the natural protective functions of the brain. Only moderate alcohol and exercise and exercise to keep body and brain fit. Mental activity has a preventive effect and prevents the brain decay. Who is intellectually claimed has many hobbies and socializing keeps his brain active and protecting its performance. From crossword puzzles to chess, games train nerve cells until a ripe old age.