Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a therapeutic, personal growth and development potential in any sphere of life.

The NLP is a term that can be a bit vague for a technique of human development. Knowing that is the NLP and how it applies involves a series of steps. Start with a little history.

Origins of NLP

NLP was created by two young researchers from very different fields of study Richard Bandler (computer) and John Grinder (linguist and psychologist). They were investigating American therapists and more successful than others. Focusing finally on the three most important: Virginia Satir (Satir change model) Milton Erickson (Ericksonian Hypnosis) and Fritz Perls (Gestalt therapy).


His extensive research led Bandler and Grinder to discover that there were a number of communication patterns among individuals with the world and themselves. So when these patterns were discovered and the therapist or other person connected with them could change unhealthy behaviors or enhance desired qualities. This reflects what is NLP in its origins, but it is also interesting to know how the.

How is NLP?

The NLP attempts to modify erroneous or harmful ways of interpreting reality and enrich enhancers. In simplistic example, it is not the same to be just on time to a lonely situation. The first is a situation we face with our own resources and strength. The second is a feeling of abandonment by others and weakens. But it is the interpretations enhancer or destructive.

NLP draws most of these interpretations in a particular sensory experience recorded in the brain. To apply it is essential to identify the conditions under which it was processed and recorded the experience. In this way it acts on the representation of reality is, without distorting but seeking the most appropriate approaches.

What techniques used in NLP?

Applying techniques based on patterns of each individual perception, visual, auditory or kinesthetic (touch and internal feelings) and respecting their rhythms. There are two types of techniques:

General techniques: These are the most basic of NLP and can be applied to all types of situations to be treated. They are beliefs (presuppositions), empathy, language metamodel (particular type of communication) and work with goals (motivation and search for a desired state).
Specific techniques: They are more advanced. NLP uses them to specific problems and only serve to them. For example, anchors, submodalities, hypnosis, metaphors, technical excellence and strategies for conflict resolution.

NLP What is entrepreneurship?

Business NLP or NLP which is the same Bussines (business English) is a branch that has emerged strongly in recent years. This specialty of neuro-linguistic programming is concerned with the management.
By improving the leadership, the ability to turn difficulties into challenges, improved personnel management, motivation, team spirit, the positive management of change, recruitment, etc. Well as improvements in teamwork, customer relations of the enterprise network and a large etc.

In what NLP can help

NLP has a wide field of possibilities where there is likely to improve communication and development strategies of the potential. These are the most common:

Health: Stress, somatization, Phobias, Change harmful habits like smoking, addiction in general, PTSD, personality disorders, depression, internal conflict, and so on.
Sports: To improve performance, to handle the pressure of competitive sport, to deal with both success and failure, and so on.
NLP in personal development: Self-esteem, assertiveness, relationships, overcoming personal crises, conflicts, interpersonal relationships, align to success, and so on.
Education: Learning, increased creativity, conflict in the classroom and improving teacher communication effectiveness.
Other fields: political communication, public relations, sales or communication in the media often successfully used neuro-linguistic programming.


It attempts to provide a simple and comprehensive response to the question: What is NLP? But in a nutshell, we can summarize as follows:

The NLP is a series of psychotherapeutic techniques that seek to find each person’s personal strategies to achieve their highest potential. Through reinterpretations more power and the world itself. They use tools that can be used personally in the future to ensure permanent and constant changes as needed.