Menopause is a state, when the female reproductive system, stops working permanently, and after which, the reproductive monthly cycles, would not continue. These cycles start happening monthly, in girls, around the time of puberty, and they grow into a woman. From that time, it keeps on continuing, month by month, until they reach menopause. Normally, the age bracket for menopause falls in the category of 50-55 years or even later, but there are also cases of women whose cycles stop pretty early compared to this age bracket. It is called early menopause.

The female reproductive cycle is basically controlled by their main reproductive organ called the ovaries. They produce an ovum every month, and if it does not get fertilized, it breaks and that is what causes the menstrual cycles. In menopause, the ovaries stop producing ovum, in the first place, and as a result there is no chance of it either getting fertilized or breaking up, in case of non-fertilization. As far as the issue of early menopause is concerned, there are a few reasons that can trigger the problem.

In some women, it is stress that causes the problem. No organ in our body can function properly, if under stress. So many a times, it is this stress that triggers the failures of ovaries. Also, stress induced reasons are not the only cause of premature ovarian failures. Many a times, some surgeries lead to the result too. Also, some medications can cause some chemical or hormonal imbalances in the body, inducing the same effect.

Now dealing with early menopause can be a very troublesome issue for women, and these are the times, that they need the most help and support, as their body is getting used to the changes, new levels of hormones and other factors etc. This phase, because of these reasons, is not considered to be a pleasant one. As a result, there are many activities carried out, so as to help women going through this phase. For example, there are websites, that have been built to help women interact with other women, going through the same issues. They talk to each other about it, they provide suggestions, they discuss their issues etc. All in all, it becomes a platform, where each woman is made to feel normal, and the belief is restored in them, that all of it would be fine in the end. The thought is propagated that even though they have been a victim of early menopause, it’s not the end of the world for them.

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