Down syndrome. What are the reasons that cause it. How should we treat children with down. As support parents and family.

Down’s syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of an extra copy of chromosome 21 or part thereof. Instead of the usual two. This extra chromosome gives a peculiar physical features that give it a recognizable. It is the most common cause of congenital mental disabilities. Its name comes from the first researcher who described the disease Haydon Down. Later Jerome Lejeune , was the one who discovered that the syndrome is caused by alteration of that chromosome. it is not known exactly why the excess of chromosome 21 is attributed to maternal age over 35 years. People with this syndrome are more likely than the rest of the population of developing heart disease, digestive system, due to excess proteins synthesized by the chromosome.

Symptoms of Down Syndrome

The most common symptoms of a person with this disease:

· Wide-set eyes.
· Hyper flexibility members and limbs.
· Small hands and wide.
· Broad feet with short fingers.
· Ears small.
· Small nose and sunken.
· Large tongue.
· Bridge flattened nose.
· Short neck.
· Small head.
· Low IQ.
· Great affectivity.


· Small stature.
· Your muscles are weak, adopting its position frog legs.
· Separation between the first and second toe.
· Your baby cries when it is weak.

How to treat children with down syndrome

At present, there is no drug treatment that has been shown to improve the intellectual abilities of people with Down syndrome. therapies early childhood development and the change in the mindset of society, on the contrary, they are making a change qualitative difference in their life expectations. It is common that society treats these retarded children, with contempt and marginalization, and this negatively affects parents who struggle to help children overcome every day and prove to society that they are human, just like the rest. The degree of mental retardation varies from mild to moderate to severe. Usually these kids can do almost anything that any other child, but they will later, stimulation programs will help them reach their goals sooner.

Down syndrome is one of the most common birth defects, affecting all races and economic levels equally. Many parents ignore their children how to treat, because usually not expected this problem, and seek sources of information, of which many are not reliable. This necessitates the existence of reliable sources of information to help the family to try to establish relationships with the child that are favorable. Support and guide them so they know how to serve and give the necessary care to your child for the child to adapt more easily to society.

As they should treat parents with Down syndrome children

They need a lot of support and understanding of his family, because if they do not, they will feel anxious, disappointed and alone, however, if they get their support, they more easily accept his son. If the child feels that his parents or any member of your family is ashamed of it, will become more introverted, shy and feel rejected, otherwise, the child will try to integrate as a completely normal person to their social environment because it feels loved and protected by her family.