Diabetes has become pandemic century and is caused by the lack of proper absorption of sugar in the organ tissues.

Diabetes mellitus, according to their kinds, is a chronic disease that can severely affect the health and quality of life for people who suffer from it, but it is treatable and especially in its type 2, preventable.

Causes of diabetes

The body uses glucose (sugar) from food as fuel, but needs insulin to do it, because this is the hormone that is needed to move sugar from the blood into the tissues of the organs. Insulin is generated in the pancreas, an organ located to the left of the abdomen exist in one pancreas cells, known as beta, which produce this hormone. If this reduces or slows production of insulin occurs disease called diabetes mellitus, because their organs have reduced ability to detect circulating glucose, which accumulates in the blood. Cells that do not receive the glucose therein, can be die.

Organs Diabetes

This process damages the blood vessels and nerves, and affects all organs, but the most affected are the heart, the retinas of the eyes, kidneys and brain. Another consequence is the slow-healing wounds.


Symptoms of diabetes

The main symptoms of diabetes are – in addition to the higher concentration of sugar in the urine and blood.

Types of diabetes and its treatment

There are two types of diabetes:

Diabetes mellitus type 1 appears suddenly in children and adolescents and their process is triggered by the destruction of the beta cells of the pancreas and its treatment includes the contribution of insulin the pancreas does not produce, via injection.
Diabetes mellitus type 2 is much more common, progressive onset and develops in adults. Its cause has to do with people usually genetically predisposed or obese and it is basically through diet , medication, if insulin and exercise.

If type 2 diabetes and obesity

The relationship established between obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus has recently been called into question by the results of a study in which special emphasis is made ​​on the excess consumption of sugar added to food is , as the main responsible for the endemic diabetes. This conclusion was reached by the statistics that countries had over consumption of sugar per capita figures that showed that the number of diabetics was directly proportional to the amount of sugar consumed.

Not all totally agreed with this conclusion but do not dismiss the importance of the find, but still maintain the direct link between diabetes and obesity, and that although they believe that sugar is widely used as a food flavoring, believe that there are other substances as starch, having a high degree pudenda glycemic similarly damaging.