The “Arrange pharmacy” in its issue dated 03.06.2013 are tips on what foods are best for a healthy and beautiful skin.

Can you eat beauty? In either case, already! This opinion is at least the free health magazine “pharmacy Arrange” in its current June issue 2013. The magazine deals with the question of what foods are best suited to provide the skin with valuable active ingredients and thus to preserve their youthful appearance as long as possible.

Peppers, blueberries, eggs and millet have positive effects on the skin

As the “pharmacy Runaround” in its latest issue of 03 June 2013 finds there are ordinary foods whose consumption has a positive effect on the skin. To some extent, so you can actually eat beauty. Those who are regularly pepper, blueberry or blueberries, dried apricots, millet and eggs on his diet, his skin supplied with valuable active ingredients and supports a youthful appearance. For example, promote the eggs contained in B-vitamins and trace elements have the structure of the skin. Present in the egg yolk antioxidants can help to prevent premature aging of the skin, or at least delay.


Also, one of the valuable foods millet. The silica contained therein strengthens not only the skin but also the nails. Millet also contains many minerals and trace elements. Crisp red peppers brings a fresh, radiant complexion and also strengthens the connective tissue. Positive effects on the skin have also dried apricots, which contain plenty of folic acid, vitamins and pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5. These agents are instrumental in the growth and regeneration of skin cells. As a natural helper in inflammation and stressed skin to prove blueberries. The power fruit may reduce cholesterol and even heart attacks, also, unless three weekly servings consumed.

Beautiful skin and a slim figure mean for most people, attractiveness and health

Who takes plenty of fruit to himself, not only does his skin, but his weight something good. Beautiful skin and a slim figure are classified by most people as attractive. However, it is not easy to keep a personal dream weight. As a recently published study of nutrition technician insurance, titled “Eat something, Germany?” shows six out of ten fail at diets dreaded yo-yo effect. Instead of one-sided diets therefore a permanent change of diet is needed with a focus on vegetables, fruits, healthy fish and lean meat. After all, 47 percent of all Germans succeeded by a corresponding change in diet to keep their weight permanently. Diets of all kinds, whether now known FdH method, counting calories, reducing or food combining is unnecessary.