Can a mother breastfeed two children at the same time and if so, how is that even possible?

If a mother or a larger twins and a younger child breastfeeding simultaneously, it is called tandem breastfeeding. But it works at all? Would not it be better to feed the twins with the bottle? Is not it time to stop breastfeeding the older child at last, so that the baby gets enough milk? Tandem breastfeeding means not too much physical stress for the mother?

Breastfeeding during a subsequent pregnancy

It happens not infrequently that the mother is pregnant again while breastfeeding. Unlike many believe, is nursing a very unsafe method of contraception . Many women who are pregnant now, are wondering if they can still continue to breastfeed or if they allow any harm to unborn babies.

Breastfeeding can even cause miscarriage or premature birth? This question is not entirely unjustified, because by stimulating the nipples during breastfeeding, the hormone oxytocin is released. This not only ensures an intense bond between mother and child, but also triggers contractions in the uterus. This is also the cause of aftermath pain, especially the women who have already borne several children feel, beginning with breastfeeding. Later they feel these contractions, however, hardly, even if they still have them at each feeding. Through these contractions also forms the uterus during lactation back better. Unfortunately, there is still no medical study whether breastfeeding really during pregnancy can cause miscarriage or preterm birth, however, innumerable case reports of mothers who continue breastfeeding during pregnancy and their children were born healthy anyway.


After all, it is known that the hormone oxytocin is released during pregnancy less than outside pregnancy. Also triggers the release of oxytocin before the 38th Week no response from the uterus. It only responds to the secretion of the hormone, when the fetus has reached the necessary maturity for the birth.

Gets the smaller child enough milk?

Whether the minor child gets adequate nutrients and calories, even when at the same time an older sibling is breastfed prepares, probably most concerned about. But these are usually unfounded, because the milk supply adjusts to the increased demand. Most women can make enough milk to nurse two children. The fact that an older child was breast-fed for so long, the milk ejection reflex works quite well. This can be very advantageous for the smaller child drinking weak or sick or even prevent engorgement when the minor child is not yet in a position to drink the breasts to empty properly.

Whether the baby is getting enough milk, you can see by the number of full diapers. It should get to six to eight wet diapers and at least two diapers with feces within 24 hours. After six weeks, the number of chair diapers decrease.

How can you satisfy two children best?

Satisfies one after the other children, the newborn should be applied as first, especially at the beginning, so the newborn enough of the valuable colostrum, the colostrum , receives. Moreover, the younger child is in contrast to earlier, except that the milk may also have to take other foods, relies entirely on the mother’s milk. Later, however, once the older child will be first satisfied.

Using the cradle handle or the back handle can be breastfed both children simultaneously. Still the position back handle is particularly well suited to twins to satisfy simultaneously. Satisfies one a toddler and a baby in the cradle simultaneously handle the baby’s legs can be stored on the toddler, what they like most. Otherwise, you can also handle the baby in the cradle or back handle silent and the older child can even choose a position where it wants to be breastfed.

What are the pros and cons of it?

The tandem breastfeeding older children often react less jealous of the subsequent sibling, because they do not feel that they have been forced out of the smaller sibling of the mother’s breast. The mother, perhaps through breastfeeding during pregnancy, more rest, as they may even sit down lie down during breastfeeding or.

On the other hand, breastfeeding can be both very leaching during another pregnancy or breastfeeding of two children. The mother should make sure that they are adequate and balanced diet. It would be good if they could be relieved, especially in the early days after the birth of their second child in the household largely, for example, by the father of the children, close relatives or friends so that they can concentrate on breastfeeding her two children . Especially in tandem breastfeeding, it is also important that this is accepted by the family and the social environment, since it rarely occurs in our society and there are plenty of professionals even prejudices about tandem breastfeeding.