Beautiful nails make a good impression. Here are some tips to take care of your own nails.

A neat appearance is important to all of us. We dress accordingly, exercise, take care of our skin and do much more in order to have a positive image. What’s left is often on the line, are the hands. This view is often not very well maintained. Cracked nails and dry skin are usually problems that show up on closer inspection. Especially with the nails, there are some problems. The following are some tips for manicured nails – so also their own hands can be seen.

For healthy-looking nails, you can do the following:

* All traces of nail polish with nail polish remover remove. It is important that the nail polish remover is not too long in contact with the nail, because that leads to drying of the nails, which then subsequently leads back to the fact that the nails are brittle and break off.
* Once everything is removed, it may be useful to the hands and at the same time to bathe your nails in warm water and, therefore inflict the required amount of moisture. Even a bath in olive oil may be beneficial for the hands and nails.


* Due to the moisture coming nail edges to light that one should remove then.
* Then you can polish the nails first and then if needed arrows. However, in doing make sure that you only keeps one and the same direction. The direction that should be adhered to it is from the side of the middle and not in two directions simultaneously. Is not met, the nails are brittle and do not look cared for very long.
* Even after the polishing and arrows, it can be advantageous to the hands and rubbing the nails with a moisturizer. Moisture and prevents tearing of the nails become brittle.
* Nail polish in bright colors is now all the rage. But it should make sure that the colored nail polish is never once applied to the nails. Especially when one colored nail polish wears long, it can lead to discoloration of the nails. Which can be prevented by prior to applying the nail polish one colored base coat is applied.
* Brittle nails are a common problem. You can do about it, by supplying the hands and nails so that with sufficient moisture. Every day massage with a little moisturizer hands prevents the constant tearing of the nails.
* Many people do not realize that impact on many aspects of a person’s fingernails. A nutritional deficiency can affect the condition of nails.

In order to have well-groomed nails, also can help a professional nail care. Beautiful hands and nails are just a must to be dressed as neat or to keep fit!