The word brace can mean many things and fit into all manner of scenarios, but mention dental brace and many will recoil in horror as they will automatically think of those ugly and uncomfortable instruments of torture that filled your mouth with metal and stopped you being able to talk, eat, clean your teeth or even close your mouth properly.

Such were these devices that those who suffered from crooked teeth fell into 2 categories; those who put up with these almost instruments of torture and grew up with straight teeth, and those who couldn’t bear them and carried their tooth problems into adulthood.


A new lease of life

The good news for the latter is that thanks to the huge advancements in orthodontistry, the branch of dentistry that deals with braces etc, you can now have a new lease of life after treatment with the latest modern braces. Those who have already sought out this treatment and can now smile, talk, laugh and eat with confidence are great adverts for these braces, and their testaments can be found right across the web.

Modern braces

The braces available today are a million miles away from those previously mentioned, and one of the most popular types is the Invisalign invisible brace. These are aligners that you wear over a period of time to move your teeth back to where they should be. They are virtually non detectable, removable at any time, and you only wear each pair for around 2 weeks until it has done it job and another one is put in place to do the next part.

Finding Invisalign

These are widely available across the country, but if you have been looking for Invisalign Hampshire then head straight to The Linden Dental Centre in Basingstoke are experts in all fields or orthodontistry, and their highly skilled staff can take you on that well overdue journey to having perfectly straight teeth and/or a re-aligned bite to make eating both more enjoyable and less painful.

Linden Dental Centre

If you go to the Linden Dental Centre for your treatment you can rest assured that you are in the care of the best orthodontist Hampshire has to offer. Peruse the website, see the staff, read the testimonies and check out the treatment options. Making contact is the next step, and the first step to getting that mouth you have always dreamed of.