Morning and whacked up, start your day with back pain? Rather not! To sleep well and your back stays healthy!

6-8 hours a day, we spend an average asleep. This is a good third of our lifetime. During this time recovering from the back of a hard day. The strained discs are now taking on new liquid and rejuvenate for the next day. Reason enough for the choice of mattress, mattress and bed frame to pay close attention to the individual needs. Your back will thank you! And you will feel noticeably better in the morning.

The best sleeping position:

Optimally embed your body lying on the side. The knee on one another and are slightly bent. A piece of blanket or a small flat pillow between the knees takes the pressure off of the joints. A pillow under the waist relieves the lower lumbar spine, which often results in pain. The pillow should support the neck. Anyone who prefers to sleep on his back relieves the spine by a bolster, which is placed under the knees. Such a hollow back is prevented. The pillow should allow a straight position of the cervical spine. To do this, a special neck pillow or the size 40 x 80 cm.


The right bed

The bed should be tailored to your body size: A single bed is at least 1 meter wide, a double bed at least 1.80 meters. Add 30cm to your height and you have the perfect length for your bed: The rule of thumb. The choice of lattice structure is crucial to the deck Quality: Select the purchase as a slatted frame with elastic spring bars that adapt to the body contour. Let the seller advise exactly how the slats are set correctly.

The right mattress

Not rely blindly on advertising claims for the best mattress, but be sure to make the personal test deck: The mattress should fit your body weight to give selective and support the spine by adapting to the body in any sleeping position. With a high body weight should therefore rather a hard mattress, as these yields less. In spring mattresses you should definitely choose a pocket spring mattress, wherein each spring is encased in a single bag. Latex mattresses fit perfectly to the body and thus ensure a back-friendly chairs. Latex is, however, very difficult: the regular turning of the mattress is so fast and is a Herculean task to create hardly alone.

Tip: Cheap foam mattresses can now compete with latex mattresses in ergonomics and comfort. You have to have at just 40 euros.

Note: Even the best mattress is worn out after 10 years and should be replaced with a new purchase. Here you can read how they also during your spare back, healthy and keep fit .