The diets diet that are on the market have now reached the high figures: you can find localized diets, diets that must be followed for a month or for life, diets of carbohydrates or proteins , etc. . There is, however, a particular type of weight-loss diet : that of the blood groups . We see in the following steps how it works and what is its effectiveness.

After numerous studies it has come to the conclusion that each blood group has specific aptitudes food and consequently the propensity to accumulate in a way more or less of the particular substances. The blood groups are: 0, A, B and AB. Let’s see how this works in detail diet for each of them.

Those who have blood group 0 are particularly predisposed to benefit from diets high protein especially, then all the diets that provide a high consumption of meats. In their case are not recommended foods such as dairy products , cereals, pasta and bread with gluten and rice. Especially those who have this blood group is particularly keen to diseases such as celiac disease. Regarding physical activity, people who have blood group 0 are brought to play any sport, even the most strenuous.


To those who have blood group A, is recommended a high consumption of vegetables: everything that comes from the earth will bring benefits to the body and cells In contrast to the 0 group, those who have this particular blood group must perform physical activities relaxing: walking, yoga, pilates etc.

Those with blood type B have a very fast metabolism that leads him to have a physical mostly dry. This group is allowed to consume dairy products so frequently so as not to miss important substances in your body. With regard to physical activity, it is recommended the practice of a sport that does not overdrive the light heart, light jogging, brisk walking, etc.

The last group we take into consideration is that AB. This particular blood group can be described as a synthesis between group A and group B. As such it has a lot more freedom in the consumption of food and the choice of physical activity. People with this group is beneficial to consume vegetables and dairy products, and especially physical activities both light and moderately heavy.