The pace of life today lead us to be constantly under pressure, time seems never enough and all this can be tiring for us both from a physical point of view, and especially from a psychological point of view. Even the psychological trauma of any nature whatsoever can alter the mood and generate anxiety, which if left untreated can also lead to the onset of panic attacks or even to affect the physical level triggering insomnia, tachycardia, headache, and so on, going to hit other organs or systems. Let’s see what methods exist to relieve anxiety.


The best way to be able to have a control over emotional states is to practice Yoga. It includes breathing techniques, deep relaxation, inner concentration, meditation, and a whole range of attitudes to be adopted in daily life. An exercise in meditation very useful is the following; choose a comfortable position in a quiet place, listen to relaxing music, breathe in slowly and deeply, focus on the thoughts and negative emotions and download all the tension with the exhalation. Do this exercise for ten minutes a day.

Another remedy to which we can entrust Homeopathy is a natural medicine that cure anxiety with various remedies come from plant, animal or mineral. For this reason it is useful to consult a homeopathic doctor after a thorough examination establishes the cure.

Anxiety can also be combated with herbal medicine, in this case we use different types of herbs and plants with sedative properties, passionflower and chamomile, which promotes relaxation to help you better manage the pain. If restlessness, tension and anxiety are associated with abdominal cramps is best to add the lemon balm, while if they are associated with tachycardia is great hawthorn. Herbs can be used as tea, alone or in combination, you have to put a teaspoon of dry derivative of each herb in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes, then strain. In the market there are also ready-made mixtures. Always in herbal medicine we can find a natural medicine that is based on the use of flowers. The Bach flower remedies , would be able to rebalance the mind and bring serenity and good humor. The flowers must be chosen depending on the mood and the trauma experienced. In fact it is possible to use different types at the same time to obtain a mixture staff .