Each day has its anxieties and its programs. Everything proceeds in a manner paced and at times it might seem not to have the energy you need to tackle all the tasks and commitments that we are called upon to perform. When this happens you have to take the remedies that help to be more active. Let’s see how you can be in a state of energetic throughout the day.

The first basic step to start your day in a energetic, is to make a good breakfast. It should make all the necessary substances to give a good charge and a good start to the activities to be carried out. You should not eat anything too heavy. You can opt for yogurt, fruit or cereal created specifically for the first snack of the day .


It is important to have a snack every 4 or 5 hours to maintain a high level of attention and replenish your body of the substances on which to draw. You should not treat foods high in fat or heavy because otherwise all the energy will be used to complete the process of digestion, thus having the opposite effect than what you want.

Physical activity is another effective method to be energetic. Take the time to allow movement to feel more awake and active in whatever you do. It should be consistent and should be directed to the psycho-physical relaxation. You may decide to dedicate a moment of the day, decided on the basis of their commitments to a healthy leisure activity.

Sleep is another key component to have more energy. You should take care to always wake up and fall asleep during the same hours. So you define the ideal sleep cycle that will wake up refreshed and dose the energy for the whole day.

The coffee, pastries and alcohol will not allow you to have a proper rest, especially if taken before going to sleep. These foods should be limited in their use because they do not maximize the efficiency of your body during the execution of the various activities.