Vitamin D is in some of the daily food, but more quantity in sunlight natural. Artificial UVA and vitamin D.

Vitamins D2 and D3 are found naturally in some foods, but most of the ultraviolet rays contribute to our exposure to natural sunlight, although rays artificial grape also provide vitamin A lesser amount. Both are beneficial to our health as long as it is done well proportioned, not abused.

The major sources of vitamin D are:

· The egg yolk.
· Light from the sun or artificial solar machines. (Dosed and common sense)
· Dairy derivatives such as cheese and yogurt.

Diseases caused by lack of vitamin D

When the body lacks vitamin D is unable to properly regulate levels of calcium and phosphate. If the blood levels of these minerals become, the other body hormones may stimulate the release of calcium and phosphate from the bones into the bloodstream to complement the offense. This is the reason why the remaining bones occurs without calcium and rickets.

Rickets is more common in underdeveloped countries and very rarely in children under 6 months. This disease does not occur only when there is a lack of vitamin D in the diet, you can also enter when conditions for absorption through the gut of the vitamin. Lack of vitamin D in the diet can occasionally follow a vegetarian who does not eat dairy products or in people with lactose intolerance.


Diseases caused by excessive vitamin D

Some of the problems that can result from excessive vitamin D are:

· Hypercalcemia: This is a very high level of calcium in the blood, which can create problems in vital organs such as the heart, kidneys, lungs or vascular system, to be residues of calcium in soft tissues.

· High blood pressure : if the pressure rises above the normal limit – you could encrypt in 140/90 in adults – there is what we call high blood pressure is a very common disease worldwide affecting more 20 percent of adults between 40 and 65 years and almost 50 percent of people over 65 years.

· Gastrointestinal discomfort: as vomiting, nausea or loss of appetite.

In the case where you are taking a vitamin D supplement, and there are some of the symptoms seen at this point, you have to restrict their intake immediately. If toxicity is severe, it is sufficient to remove the add if you need to reduce corticosteroids. In some cases the damage to the kidney has been coated is irreversible.

All vitamins are essential for the proper functioning and growth of the organism (the importance of vitamin D) is vital. If either is missing or weak, it can cause some health imbalance which is then difficult to reconstruct. The complex vitamins are important for those who exhibit some food intolerance or who need to strengthen doses of vitamins because the ingested through food are not enough.