Important to protect both mother and baby, we explain what they are and what they do. Optional and mandatory.

During pregnancy the vaccination schedule is renewed and respect is essential to protect and protect against some diseases.

Compulsory vaccinations during pregnancy

Usually contraindicated strongly those vaccines are made ​​from live viruses. Only allow those with bacteria, toxoids or the previously inactivated virus.

* Tetanus. It protects against a disease called tetanus. Two doses are often prescribed during pregnancy, usually with a month between them. At the discretion of the obstetrician may be the fifth and sixth month, or the sixth and seventh. It takes five doses total to remain immune for life, therefore, the obstetrician may recommend another dose after birth, at 6 months and a year.

* Against Hepatitis B . Especially in women working in the field of health and therefore at greater risk of infection. In general, if a woman has been vaccinated before, the obstetrician will ask for a blood test to check for antibodies possessing assets.

* Influenza. Due to strong outbreak of H1N1 flu in some countries like Argentina, it is recommended that all pregnant women receive the inoculation during any quarter and especially in winter.

* Acellular Bacterial Triple . It protects against tetanus, whooping cough and diphtheria. Associate with tetanus or not depends on the judgment of the obstetrician. Usually indicated in the third quarter. Protects the infant until it becomes immunized with three doses between 2 and 6 months.


Pregnancy and contact with cats

It says a lot about the pregnant and contact with cats. Through feces of cats, the pregnant woman can, among other ways, toxoplasmosis. Actually, if you already have a cat as a pet, the advice to follow are:

* Avoid handling the sandbox where feces deposits,
* if necessary, use gloves,
* followed by washing the hands and forearms with soap and water,
* not eat vegetables or fruits without washing with water previously,
* not consume raw meat,
* do not feed the cat raw,
* the animal vaccinated against toxoplasmosis.

What is tetanus?

Also called tetanus or lockjaw, tetanus is a disease caused by the entry into the body of a bacterium called Clostridium tetani . This is usually found in soil, feces of some animals and oxidized metals. So get in touch with these elements, injury from a metal or working with the land are possible sources of infection. As mainly affects the nerves, produces strong sustained muscle contractions (called tetany), creating difficulties both respiratory and deglutition and bone fractures. Can result in death.

Leave nothing for granted, ask your doctor if a suspect had been in contact with sick and be responsible for meeting the immunization schedule are the keys to protect the health of both the baby and the same.