The diabetes is a disease that can be very severe in some people. Due to a lack of production or absence of insulin, hormone essential to the human body, its functions are to facilitate the passage of glucose from the blood to the cells by lowering your blood sugar. He anabolic function by stimulating protein synthesis, allows the passage of potassium to the cells and many other useful features. Diabetes mellitus is of two types: type 1 absolute lack of insulin caused by the destruction of cells in the pancreas , can be seen in adolescents and young individuals, type 2 low hormone production, caused by a response of the body that does not allow normal operation occurs in older people. There are also other forms of diabetes minors. There are many useful herbs for diabetes.

Herb widely used in ancient times and even today is the Citronella duodenum useful plant with clover-like leaves, better known by the name of greek hay. Its characteristic is the trigonometrical present in the seeds that reduce the proportion of glucose in the blood, lowering triglycerides and harmful cholesterol. The seeds contain plenty of fiber and if ingested slow emptying of the stomach by food, delaying the absorption of glucose in the intestine. For patients with diabetes mellitus type 1, the recommended dosage is about 50 grams twice a day. For the type 2 diabetes is not more than 50 grams per day.


Another herb used to reduce diabetes is the gymnema, tropical plant that when chewed significantly reduces the urge to take sweet, thanks to the presence of the acid in the plant Gymnema, acting directly on the tongue, in addition to stimulating the pancreas in the production of ‘insulin. It is an effective natural remedy for diabetes mellitus type 1 and type 2. It should be taken before eating in doses of about 40 grams per day.

Another natural method is the intake of cranberry, the fruit is rich in flavoring useful substances for their positive effects on the capillaries, it is known that diabetes has negative effects on small capillaries of the eyes, fingers, kidneys Regular consumption of blueberries is also recommended by doctors, the dosage is about 150 grams per day. Also grape seed extract can lower diabetes, due to the presence of anthologists, with the same effects benefits of blueberry.