A bladder weakness can be very unpleasant. Even when laughing, coughing, sneezing or going up stairs involuntarily urine.

Life is depending on the strength of the weak bladder more or less severely affected. A homeopathic remedy for the treatment of urinary incontinence is always selected individually according to various aspects. Not only the physical plane is considered, but also the mental and spiritual being.

The homeopathic remedy Apis for bladder weakness

Apis take good care of women who are constantly in motion and are constantly engaged with something. They are often distracted and busy, so that often fall off something. The women are irritated over little things and proceed quickly from the skin. You do constantly worry and torment themselves with unnecessary thoughts. They tend to cry and to jealousy.

The homeopathic Causticum for incontinence in women

Incontinence when coughing and sneezing, laughing and effort, especially in older women. This product goes well with women who are very compassionate and others can not see you suffer. Your sense of justice is extremely well trained and they do not tolerate injustice to himself, or at your loved ones.


The homeopathic phosphorus against bladder weakness

Phosphorus is the appropriate remedy for women who are open, easily influenced and frightened. Especially in the dark during a thunderstorm and they fear. They are better in society than their own. Phosphor types are very compassionate.

The homeopathic sepia against incontinence in women

Sepia women are often trying to make it all right. They suffer from low self-esteem and therefore have the feeling that all the time and must prove all over. At the same time there may be a strong dislike or even indifference to their loved ones as the partner or the children. You often suffer from a great irritability. Overstretching during exercise or while dancing improves the symptoms of Sepia women.

The homeopathic Natrum mur against bladder weakness

Women who have suffered grief and can not get away from it. They hang in my thoughts always with the traumatic event and suffer unusually long. She loves to be alone with her grief and consolation or reject any offer of help.

The homeopathic Pulsatilla for incontinence in women

Pulsatilla fits well in a very emotional women who cry easily. You can take comfort they are doing well and then feel better. Pulsatilla women are very soft and pliable. Striking is a large variability in the mental feeling. Time the mood is up one minute and the next moment they are sad.

Other suitable means homeopathy

Cantharis comes into question when it comes during a bladder infection or during menstruation for involuntary loss of urine.


There are a large number of homeopathic remedies that can be displayed in a weak bladder. The exact symptoms and their modalities lead to appropriate funds. Depending on the experienced homeopath complaint type / homeopath to choose the right agent.