When the body weight increases inexplicably that can be associated with the ingestion of certain drugs. What does this apply?

If you feel that you gain weight and also diet and exercise do not help get rid of it again, then it could possibly be due to one or more drugs that you are taking. Several studies have shown that weight gain is by no means rare.

What medications can cause weight gain?

* Beta-blockers (high blood pressure, heart disease, hyperthyroidism)
* Neurotics (for psychosis), antidepressants (for depression)
* Estrogens (through the” pill” or menopausal symptoms)
* Progesterone (for menopausal symptoms)
* Cortisone-containing medications (treatment of rheumatic diseases)
* Insulin and other anti-diabetic agents (for diabetes)
* Migraine agents

Beta blockers are among the most widely prescribed drugs, and among other things, have the property that the energy metabolism and fat burning decrease by about 10 percent. The fatigue that occurs with beta-blockers, means that you are less active. That was Professor Arya Sharma of the Franz Volhard Clinic, Charite, Berlin, more than 10 years ago after reading out of eight major studies, where the use of beta-blockers and other high-pressure agents in patients with hypertension were compared.

Thus, it was noted that the patient increase during the first month of treatment with beta-blockers up to seven pounds in weight and not lose this extra weight in the course of treatment. A vicious circle, because obesity is just one of the risk factors for diabetes or heart disease – diseases for which the funds are to actually help. Alternatives are, for example, ACE inhibitors or diuretics. Talk to your doctor and remove other possibilities into account to maintain your weight, including diet and exercise.


That weight gain one of the side effects of taking psychotropic drugs is presented scientists at the University of Salzburg at a conference in Madrid in 2007. A European survey of 4,200 attending psychiatrists revealed that 84 percent of the patients suffered from her. With MAO inhibitors, however, is not likely to be overweight. As an alternative to many psychotropic drugs among the podgy has St. John’s Wort proven, which can be used for mild to moderate depression, restlessness or anxiety.

Insulin and other anti- diabetes medications that diabetics need, indeed lower blood sugar levels, but also create a constant feeling of hunger. Is too little sugar in the blood, the satiety center in the brain sends out signals to take more food. Again, there are alternatives to the chemically different structure and shorter-acting insulin analogues, which prevent you constantly appetite. Your doctor can tell you whether these drugs are appropriate for you.

In chronic diseases such as asthma, rheumatism, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease often comes cortisone is used, which leads to water retention. This swells the tissue and it is especially noticeable in the face, neck and neck. Water retention in the tissue, women close to him, the ” pill” or hormone preparations / medications containing estrogen use during menopause.