They say that a smile is like a cover letter that has a person when it is announced or when a conversation begins. The smile shows a lot and shows us how it is inside being very true that saying in which it is said that this gesture can even open the hearts more closed.

Types of Dental Implants

Sometimes, this simple gesture can become difficult to do because due to the loss of dental pieces either by a stroke. An accident or even by illness has managed to make it look as beautiful and radiant as before. For this type of problems has been innovated a lot being able to be replaced by the known dental implants. In this article, you will know the types that exist how they differ from each other.

Types of Dental Implants

These pieces that are going to be implanted either of a kind or another will get to give a natural appearance to your dentures since due to the improvements that have been made in dentistry these artificial teeth are becoming more resistant. Durable, may be with or even decades if cared for as they should and relevant visits are made to the dentist life maintaining aesthetic perfect mouth.

Endo osseous implants

This class of dental implants is also known as simply those that are placed inside the maxillary bone. Although they may seem the most difficult to implant are the most performed today. Especially thanks to a surgical procedure that makes them attach these pieces to the bones of the jaw placing to finish the crown that the client has selected. When you go right into the bone, they are usually much more durable since they are not going to move although they should be careful every so often to check that everything is still in place.

Within this type of implant, we can find those that are cylindrical, the laminates, which are mostly used for people who already had prosthetic removable or dental bridges beforehand. Finally and the most used are in the form of screws and these are screwed. The titanium is the material used for these implants that at first glance look like this so characteristic and achieves greater fixation. Even better results will last more years it easier for dentists to have a more satisfactory follow up with other methods.

It is said that in order for an implant to be considered of quality, it must meet a series of characteristics such as the use of titanium something that we have already discussed. That will not only give hardness but also prevent it from oxidizing. The screw or screw mechanism will also give you many benefits. Especially if you want to be permanent, looking at all times that there is an external anti-rotation system so that from the outside cannot be turned and stolen.

The other type of implants is called, and they mean they are placed around the maxillary bone. They are usually the least used methods, since they are expressly performed to those people who do not have a height of these bones of the optimal jaw to perform the implant that we have explained before. They are also used for people who have a type of denture not suitable for this type of surgery.