Medical Assistants are much in demand today with this demand being on rise in the years to come. The job of a medical assistant is sought after as it gives a sense of fulfilment besides lending valuable help to the medical professionals in carrying out their duties smoothly without any glitch.

What are the duties of a Medical Assistant?

The duties of a medical assistant can vary depending upon the size and nature of the medical establishment where he or she is placed. If it is a large institute then there can be more than one medical assistant and the duties are divided among them. Listed below are some of the common duties that have to be performed by a medical assistant:

Interacting with Patients: Basically, the medical assistant puts the incoming patient at ease, asks him the reason for his visit, if need be assists him in completion of insurance or medical forms. He also schedules and confirms their appointments and directs them to the relevant resources.

Medical Assistant

Maintenance of Health records: Opening new medical files for new patients is his responsibility. Any further updating, filing or proofreading the medical records is done by him and in doing all this he maintains the confidentiality of patient’s medical records.

Handling Routine Office Tasks: The medical assistant handles the communication and correspondence aspects of the medical office and all other tasks that are necessary for the smooth running of the office.

Performing Basic Clinical Procedures: Preparing the patient for examination by measuring his weight and height, parameters like blood pressure and body temperature. Ensuring cleanliness and keeping the examination room ready for the patient as well as ensuring that medical instruments are properly disinfected and supplies are adequately stocked are also included in his gamut of duties.

Interacting with Outside Services: Assisting patients to get appointments with other specialists or doctors or making arrangements for hospital admissions or laboratory tests becomes his responsibility.

How do Medical Assistant Programs Add Value?                    

Most of the certificate programs last for a duration of eight months or a year and those that give a post-secondary diploma entail a two year period. The formal program gives knowledge in the sphere of business and medical communications, medical terminology, patient relations, medical office software and scheduling and planning systems. The students are made aware of the prevailing health care policies and regulations imposed by the government in this field. The basics of health care operations and the code of ethics and standards of conduct to be followed are ingrained into them.

Theoretical subjects are taught through classroom training and practical training is also imparted to the students so that they are equipped to meet the requirements of their job. A talented faculty that teaches the various aspects of the course and exposure to professionals relevant to this field enables the students to fully hone their skills for the job.