Chinese medicine treats muscle pain and joint as of stagnation, the blocks of energy and moisture buildup. Normally you always think to resort to drugs to cure even the most minor ailments, sometimes alleviate with natural remedies and rich properties : one of these is ginger. Let’s talk about How to treat muscle pain with ginger.

how to treat muscle pain

It is well known that ginger can be used on the external areas of the body by means of compresses. In this way its heating action manages to make his way in depth , up to give the benefits to the areas from which part of the pain due to contractual and muscle blocks. Ginger helps to oxygenate the tissues; the blood is drawn to the surface by its effect, heating up the part and sore disinfectant deep. Let’s see how to make the wrap.

If you have available the fresh root ginger simply use a quantity equal to 150 grams, to be grated and wrap in gauze -in Alternatively on may also use a cotton handkerchief in such a way as to form a bag tightly with a node. Dip the handkerchief with the mixture in a pot containing water. The water must be brought to a boil and then leave the ginger infusion for 5 minutes; after which there must be effective wring the bag and let the expelled liquid is collected in the pot.

The infusion should be made ​​to cool slightly but must nevertheless remain hot enough (at a temperature tolerable by the skin), so that both the heat and the properties beneficial ginger, arrive in depth. We must indeed dip a sponge cloth and then apply it in the painful area after lightly squeezed. Whenever the heat disperses cloth must repeat the operation so that the affected area remains constantly hot. The treatment in question takes about 30 minutes, along which you will need to dip the rag about 10 times. Since this is a natural remedy you can repeat the process until the next day to notice considerable improvements. If this does not happen does not consider this guide as a replacement of the doctor-patient relationship and consider the idea of a thorough medical examination. Do not I wish you a speedy recovery in the name of natural remedies ..