Almost every man has ever made acquaintance with a headache. Frequently occurring headaches can be very distressing for those affected.

Headache disorders are highly prevalent worldwide and in Germany alone, approximately 54 million people suffer at least temporarily, from headache. The professional world has over 200 different types of headaches, which are divided into two large groups. Primary headaches – they occur independently and not as a result of another illness. About 90% of headaches fall into this area. examples would be to migraine or tension headache. These two types of headaches are the most common forms. Secondary headaches – on the occasion of a disease leads to headaches. These include head injury, infection, vascular disease, sinusitis or neck strain. Sudden severe headache when first occur or be intensified a prominent headache, a doctor must clarify whether hiding behind a serious condition.


Possible causes of migraine or tension headaches

In order to identify possible causes that keep a headache diary may be useful. Complaints can be alleviated by incompatible or allergy causing foods are off. Often pickled and fermented foods, spicy foods, meat and fish canning, food additives and nitrates, red wine, hard cheese, chocolate, citrus fruits, red plums, avocados, raspberries, cabbage, tomato, eggplant, potato and fried foods belong to it in vinegar. Similarly, caffeine, wheat or gluten-containing products, and sweets should be avoided.

The Homeopathic Treatment of Headaches

The majority of types of headaches respond well to homeopathic treatment. Observe the guidelines for homeopathic self-treatment . You should because of the pain intensity on aspirin or paracetamol fall back, use the C12 as a potency 2-3 times daily. If you can not give up even stronger allopathic medication you use every day LM power. If you already know the agent, which helps you to determine or is very clear, you can use the power of the C200.

Natrum muriaticum, the most important homeopathic headache remedy

Approximately 15% of migraine cases can be symptom-free with this agent. But for the following symptoms must fit. Grief, strong or repressed emotions aggravate the headache, as well as sun, reading or eye efforts. The pain can be described as bursting. The head feels like a vise. The pain is right in the temple and in the back of the head. The pain occurs periodically. Blurred vision and vomiting may occur. Cold applications, pressure or closing the eyes improve the pain. The patient needs to lie down in a darkened room.