Any type of workout, the more intense the light, professional or recover, it needs to be truly effective, a careful and constant monitoring that allows to know their capabilities and limitations in order to adapt, as a result, the effort to apply. The heart rate monitor is a very useful tool to keep track of your workouts as it measures the heart rate (that the heart beats does in one minute), and, therefore, the intensity of the work we are doing. Cycling, both road and mountain biking, running and any other sport we want to practice, they can achieve optimum performance for our body (depending on the results we want to achieve) if supported by the device, and also avoid dangerous excesses due to over training. Let us see together how to train with this valuable ally.


The methods and techniques that you can take are varied, as are the various models available, but similar in use and always based on the same element: the detection of beats heart. So the first piece of information to know when we decide to use a heart rate monitor is your maximum heart rate measured in BPM (beats per minute), the maximum limit beyond which it would be harmful to cause an increase in heart rate. This value is based on age, but can vary depending on other factors, such as habits and lifestyle, general fitness, any predisposition to heart problems etc, So it is always good to consult a competent coach.

In each case, we give here some indications, referring to the media: to calculate its maximum frequency we will therefore multiply a coefficient (0685) ‘s age (example: 0.685×19 for an age of 19 years), this result will be subtracted from another coefficient (205.8). So, if for example our age is 22 years, we calculate [205.8 – (0.685 x 22)]. We repeat that you will never exceed your maximum heart rate during your workout; we will also store it as a heart rate monitor to know the percentage of the effort.

We can now choose the type of training that we want to implement: Power: to develop more power and therefore increase muscle strength will perform a workout that falls between the values ​​of 80% -100% (for athletes at a competitive level and training of short duration). Resistance: if we want to increase the physical resistance values ​​will range between 70% -80% (average duration for workouts). Fat Burn: To maintain a healthy heart and / or lose weight we will stick to values ​​between 55% -70% (daily workouts, prolonged duration.) Good Workout!.