Accidents happen almost every day. We hear about them on the news or read about them online. We always hope we are never the victim of an accident. But if you travel in a car or work in a dangerous job, your chances of suffering from an accident can be higher than you think. Here are the top eight injuries you may have to deal with if you are involved in an accident:

1. Whiplash – This is the most common injury from car accidents, and the one you are least likely to recover fully from. Neck pain and back ache can continue for the rest of your life whether you have treatment or not. This is why it is important to find a lawyer online such as Shapiro Law Group to help you claim the costs back from those who caused the accident.
2. Concussion – Concussion can be caused by a blow to the head from any direction. This commonly occurs from trips and falls on uneven paving. Again, a lawyer needs to get involved. They can help ensure the local authority repairs the damaged paving to prevent further injuries. You will need hospital care and time off work if you suffer a concussion. Claim the compensation for loss of earnings if this happens.
3. Broken hip – For elderly people, this is a very real risk each time you fall. As we get older, we become less firm on our legs. Trip hazards are a common cause of broken hips in public. This can happen in department stores that are not frequently tidied.
4. Back pain – Lifting heavy items incorrectly or without support can cause long-term back pain. This most frequently occurs in the workplace. If your health and safety inspector has not taught you how to manage heavy loads safely, your employer may be breaking the law.
5. Burns and scalds – Food serving establishments are required to heat the food thoroughly. However, some serve the food while it is still dangerously hot. You could suffer permanent scarring if you spilled a hot beverage on your skin.
6. Broken ankle – If you are in a front end collision car accident, the vehicle may crumple on your legs. This can break the bones from the knee down from crushing. You may end up trapped in the vehicle for a prolonged period, causing the damage to worsen.
7. PsychologicalPost Traumatic Stress Disorder occur in those who experience painful accidents. You may also suffer memory loss if you had a head injury. Many people involved in accidents can become permanently anxious when in similar situations.

Injuries are painful, and they can lead to depression when they make a significant impact on your life. If you are involved in an accident, it is better to seek legal guidance sooner rather than later. This is so you can concentrate on getting better. Leave the stress of legal claims to the professionals.