Making a blood donation is one of the most heroic gestures that we can make in their lives. Italy in fact lacking many bags of blood, and with a wave of lasting a few minutes you can really save a life. Plus you also get a great breakfast , in a completely free . Blood donation does not have specific contraindications , but it is always best to consult your doctor. In general , however, can be carried out by all healthy individuals, both women and men : are recommended for the first two donations per year, for up to four seconds. A helpful gesture and very noble, who in most public and private guarantees by law a day off from work. Here are some helpful tips to get ready to give blood. Happy reading and … Good luck!

donate blood

Do not be afraid

The first advice to prepare to donate blood is to have no fear. Although it is the first donation that you make, you can rest assured and calm. The staff of each hospital is perfectly qualified to carry out the operations of blood donation and all the materials used are completely sterile. Plus the only pain he feels is a slight tingling in the arm, which will pass in an instant.

Rest for at least eight hours

Before a donation is good to rest at least eight hours. Donating blood does not have contraindications , but you should never play sports or heavy work during the day when it is donated. Better to get prepared and with a good deal of emotion: a good breakfast post-donation will do the rest!

Only drink coffee or tea before donation

Among the advice, or rather the obligations, to be followed before a blood donation is to have breakfast with only coffee or tea, preferably unsweetened. It is important to remain fasting not to alter the levels of blood sugar and also allow accurate analysis: after every donation you will receive it comfortably at home blood tests of the main values.

Hydrate well

Not only the day before or the day of the donation, but throughout the month in which you choose to donate (but is a tip to follow always), it is important to hydrate well. It should drink a lot, at least two liters of water per day, to “clean” the body and especially avoid dizziness or drops in blood pressure immediately after the act of donation.

Fill out the appropriate

When you arrive at the hospital you will be asked to complete a questionnaire with more than 40 questions to answer about his state of health, the trips made in the last few months, activities such as tattoos or piercings and much more. It is important to answer all questions accurately and above all do it honestly: he leaves of his own health and that of many other people. Good gift to all!