During a long illness it is not uncommon for the patient loses a proportion of body weight . The body undergoes a lot of stress and in the presence of infections does use a lot of energy. In severe cases the disease is so debilitating to remove any food cravings . After the disease begins convalescence and at this stage it will be essential to recover forces. To regain the lost weight and energy we can follow a few tips. Not only will be useful to our bodies, but also will allow us to recover the mental forces . Lets talk about Tips to gain weight after a long illness.


A long illness probably force you to read the patient . This does not equate to a long and satisfying rest. Stendendoci while in bed, during the illness our body is under attack. Bacteria and germs lead infections and our immune system is at full capacity. The body gives anyway under the blows of fatigue. After a long illness will therefore fundamental to rest for the right amount of hours.

During a long illness, especially in the presence of bacterial infections , antibiotics are used. They are essential to counter the aggression of microorganisms. The antibiotics may have, however, some side effects. One of these is to the detriment of the intestinal bacterial flora , essential for digestion. For this reason it is advisable to take lactic acid after a long illness. We have breakfast with foods such as yogurt, kefir or probiotics.

To return healthy and gaining weight we should eat in a balanced way. This means that each nutrient must be present in our diet. You will not have to miss anything between carbohydrates , proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. We consume many cereals (preferably wholegrain) and fruit for the best carbohydrates. Let us feed meat to replenish groups of important vitamins, such as B. The fish, like salmon, provides fat of excellent quality . Do not forget to prepare generous portions of vegetables.