It is not just to live longer: they want to live better and in good health. A few tips can help achieve this.

It is known that, in general, the longevity is due to both genetic factors and a number of healthy habits practiced regularly, and hence the importance of incorporating them into daily life.

Maintaining a balanced diet is vital for long-lived people

It has come to the conclusion that almost all people lived maintain a diet based on fresh, natural produce easily cooked (baked, grilled, steamed in papillote, among others) in the consumption of a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and legumes, and in a more fish than meat.

Exercise keeps us fit and prolongs life

Physical inactivity is one of the greatest enemies of longevity. That is why we practice some form of exercise regularly (three times a week for at least half an hour) has been proven to improve health, increase strength and flexibility, and improves mood. As to walk, it is walking at least three times a week for 30 to 45 minutes. Advantages, all: helps you stay fit and feel in a better mood. If mentioned the tai chi, regular practice of this discipline brings agility Eastern and improved sense of balance, which helps prevent falls. Another added advantage is the softness of her movements making it a sport suitable for people of all ages and physical condition.


And the aqua gym: its practice is especially suitable for those with joint ailments such as arthritis, since the water held within this type of gymnastics requires less effort and reduces the risk of injury to a minimum.

The yoga : This practice is to seek harmony between body and mind through certain positions. His stretching provide countless benefits such as prevention of joint pain, increased agility, improved cardiovascular activity and eliminating stress.

Avoid harmful habits increases our quality of life

Toxic substances that may create dependency – among the most widespread, include snuff and alcohol – not only fill the body of toxins but that accelerate the aging process physically and mentally.

Managing stress extends life

It’s about living in peace, away from the feeling of anxiety that overwhelms, too often, not only because working life but the sacred realm of everyday life. Practice relaxation simple, affordable and can be spend ten minutes a day to close your eyes, listen to music you like, fantasizing dreams and goals they wish to accomplish, lying on a sofa, stretching rhythmic, tell a joke or funny anecdote or pleasantly listening to another person’s mouth, smile or laugh out loud depending on the circumstances or just keep an interesting conversation.

Extend the life with happiness infallible method

Most psychiatric experts agree that one of the essential recipes to achieve longevity is happiness. Happiness is the active practice largely depends on each and attitude towards life. In fact, the will to live has a significance of 20% in the percentage of good habits to get stop the aging process and live longer and better. They want to live translate into enthusiasm put in all that is done, interest in everything that surrounds the environment and dramatize the circumstances, so that small successes, particularly with determination and effort, rose stained our lives as synonymous with happy moments.

Fight aging with optimism

A positive attitude towards life can lengthen life expectancy eight years. Advantages: optimism fights stress and hypertension, mainly. Practices to live with optimism: enjoy life and laugh often.

Staying active to feel forever young

An active lifestyle helps to enjoy better health. Why? For failure to comply with this “iron rule”: boredom leads to discouragement and depression then to a step.

Be generous and feel useful to others

Generosity, that trait of character or – as others – prolonged mood revertible time for others, which leads to help others without expecting anything in return, you can live 60% longer than individualists. The reason is simple: feel useful increases happiness and self-esteem.

Intellectual activity everyday keeps fit our mind

There is no doubt that over the years our cognitive ability deteriorates. It can be prevented – and slow – the maximum daily practicing intellectual enjoyment activities as simple as doing crossword puzzles, Sudoku, do puzzles or puzzles, reading, memorizing poems or anything that keeps your mind active.

Enjoy the love and sex

And not only on Valentine’s Day . He always loves. It is no longer live exclusively on business but feel accompanied by a partner or loved ones, to share experiences and wants and a life plan together to go doing daily.