The dreaded shaking hands is strengthened to pay attention in a stressful situation.

Attend to important customers, give a speech , sign an important document or submitted to a contest related to the preparation and serving of a product may be situations experienced as stressful . In these times when we are tested or want everything to go perfectly, we can generate a degree of anxiety so high, that are the dreaded hand tremors. Keep a bowl of soup, do our rubric or prepare a combined nightmares can become real if we realize this shivering and may even damage our self-esteem , thinking that the other will be fixed only in this and judge for it.

Origin of the tremor

Although some people, involuntary muscle movement may be a symptom of a possible neurological disorder, most of them have the result of being exposed to a situation that generates a high degree of anxiety, and these are healthy and therefore, being that tremor a simple response to adrenaline released.

Possible pathologies

In case of suffering, you should see a specialist to rule out diseases such as hereditary peripheral neuropathies, tumors, hypoglycemia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s or cerebral stroke. It can also be caused by excessive alcohol consumption or withdrawal thereof, by an excess of caffeine in the body or even after smoking some kind of cigarette brand different from the usual.


Essential tremor

This type of tremor is the most common, underlying disease, with a heavy inheritance and presence in specific moments of great excitement or stress.

Tips to prevent hand-shake

# Avoid figure what the worst will happen. In addition to viewing this situation and increase the likelihood of occurrence, generates the feeling of helplessness instead of giving us more value.
# Avoid always escape such situations. With the increasing avoidance behavior have more fear when dealing with this situation.
# Move the object that we caught in a smooth and Assyrians do not overtighten. Rigid movements and avoid excessive grip in order not to further tighten the muscles. Moving the objects we prevent these are in a fixed point and therefore the possible more significant tremor.
# Perform new behaviors like giving another talk, joke or make any comment to divert our attention both on our hands as the other on them.
# Pay real attention to what the other says. If asked for a topic that really excites us, we shall put us both in the conversation that the task will be manipulative in “automatic pilot”.
# Do not look to the object or our hands. Endeavor to look at the other person to look down our eyes.
# Perform some relaxation exercises like deep breathing minutes before the stressful event will happen. This will loosen the muscles.
# Practicing some common gestures such as tying shoelaces or buttoning the shirt more slowly than normal. These movements encarrilaran distracting our hands to a state of normalcy by mere association.
# Do not drink alcohol. We may find the possibility that the fear grows more to win the trick.
# Express and act in a more daring in the stressful situation can change our mental role timid and nervous. Many actors come to assimilate both his new role, which perform actions that your authentic self would never do because then they do not feel them, but someone else.