If things have gotten a bit off track for you health- wise, regardless of how long, getting back on the path to wellness can seem like a daunting task. Simply knowing we should be taking better care of ourselves , and all the damage we are doing by neglecting this task, should make things easy in theory. But in practice, the picture often looks very different. For myriad reasons, from simply being lazy to self-sabotaging beliefs, we can struggle greatly. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are just a few tips to shore up your health, on the mental and physical fronts.

Stress Care

Make Stress Management a Priority

We all know the dangers of stress, yet, we let it consume us on a daily basis. Somewhere along the way, leading a really stressed life became a source of pride. We take great relish in recounting how busy we are, and how much ‘stuff’ we handle. So long as we haven’t had a total breakdown yet, we just keep carrying on in this way.

But, if you are serious about improving your health, you need to break away from this line of thinking and make managing your stress a top priority. When we get it under control, we set a strong foundation for positive change. How we feel sets the stage for everything, and when we feel good, we are motivated to make decisions that keep us feeling good. Reduced stress will move us away from all sorts of destructive behaviors, such as emotional eating and always choosing vegging out in front of the TV rather than exercise.

Start Appreciating Your Body for All Its Wonderfulness and Pamper It

Our bodies are pretty spectacular and we are just so used to existing in them, we totally overlook all this awesomeness and totally take them for granted. If we really tuned into a true appreciation for all they allow us to do, we would feel much more motivated to take proper care of them; indulging in all the bad habits would lose so much of their appeal.

Stop and think for a moment about all the amazing things your body allows you to do, from walking along a beautiful beach to playing with your children. Think how much your world would be altered if you lost your ability to walk, or could no longer breathe without the assistance of an oxygen tank. Think about all the various functions it performs without an ounce of input from your conscious mind.

Start loving your body for the wonderful vessel it is, and make an effort to pamper it. We’re not just talking about a healthy diet and exercise, which is obviously the cornerstone. We are talking about giving it some extra TLC. Unfortunately, most tactics are seen as indulgent and not a necessity, but change your  thinking about that.

Massages for example, are amazing for our health, mental and physical, but bring to mind images of fancy spas with exorbitant prices. But, many massage therapists work on their own, and do house calls for rates that are much more reasonable. Look into that. And to ensure your maximum comfort, consider shopping for massage tables and get one for your home that is just for you.  And there are also lots of simpler things you can do, like taking a nice bubble bath, or doing an at-home foot spa. Think about what strikes your fancy and commit to doing these things.

What is Your Motivator?

If you are experiencing the urge to take better care of yourself, there is obviously something prompting that—there is some perceived benefit to improving your health. For optimal success, you want to identify these motivators at the core level. You need to go deeper than just ‘being healthier’ or ‘reducing stress.’ Keep asking yourself why you want a particular thing until you hit those core reasons. When you hit a core value or desire, such as being a better parent to your child, it will be easier to change.

These three tips are very powerful for moving you in the right direction. Remember to be patient and compassionate with yourself. You can do it.