In a period of great and profound stress , many of us may be subject to serious disturbance of sleep, which inevitably has an impact on the smooth unfolding of the day. Nervousness, apathy, sudden sleep , stress and little patience may be the most obvious symptoms and more marked. That’s not all. In this article we will know the details of these disorders, the causes , consequences and also suitable methods and recommended to prevent them. Then read the guide below to learn more about sleep disorders that affects a little ‘all at certain times of the year in particular.

sleep disorders

To make a first distinction, it can be said that the sleep disorders are divided into two categories: dyssomnia and parasols . The first includes those illnesses, which, in substance alter the quality and quantity of sleep. The second, however, brings together the phenomena related to dreams, the most common in childhood and adolescence.

The best-known disorders, which belong to the first category, are insomnia, hypersomnia and narcolepsy . There is talk of insomnia when you have an obvious difficulty getting to sleep and do not sleep for as long as, physiologically, need to recuperate. This must however cause physical or mental problems. Insomnia, in essence, is a symptom of a hidden problem in the body. Sometimes they will resolve if while in other cases it is necessary to resort to taking food supplements regulators of the sleep-wake cycle. Hypersomnia, instead, characterizes those people who need to sleep more hours than average and tend to rest during the day. And when their needs are not met, they wake up confused and nervous. Those who suffer from narcolepsy, insomnia contrary, warns an immediate need for sleep during the day, even if the night has rested enough. It is sudden attacks of sleep, after which you will feel perfectly rested.

The best-known disorders associated with parasols are finally nightmares, sleepwalking and bedwetting. The bad dreams affect mainly children, when they are in the phase of deep sleep . Causing immediate awakening accompanied by moans and afraid to go back to sleep, because they remember the details of the nightmare. The sleepwalker is that person who gets up at night, walking, go back to bed and in the morning you do not remember anything. Doctors recommend not to disturb the people who suffer from this disorder that usually resolves itself.