Despite being the era that venerates our own good, many people still see as a job, without being aware of all benefits.

On countless occasions we hear or pronounce the word “beware”. Something that in principle everyone recognizes as a matter of course, in actual practice a task becomes delayed when in truth and since we have one body and one mind for the rest of your life, you should prioritize the most. Daily chores, social impositions and inadequate management time are our worst enemies.

The mind and the thinking

Our brain receives millions of impacts with different information daily. Like any strainer or filter should occasionally clean the grounds that there can be. This can be achieved by simply keeping our hobbies as going to cinema, Build models or be a fan of a sports team. Likewise, we must integrate some past events belong to that time, and therefore not advisable to be recovered to the present. We must be tolerant with ourselves and maintain consistency between our actions and way of acting, and avoid comparing ourselves to others. Moreover, it is always advisable to express or externalize our emotions, Since otherwise we could face the dreaded effect of “pressure cooker”, causing many psychological disorders.


Getting enough sleep and relaxation

Lack of sleep tends to produce states of anxiety, inattention, and irritability. Our complex organism needs a prolonged resting state in which repair damage and restore lost energy. To relax during the day, simply stop and look out the window from time to time, practice breathing exercises or taking a hot bath 20 minutes.


Walk, go shopping, cycling or swimming are activities that will improve our mobility at the same time monitor our ideal weight and improve appearance. With the practice of sport endorphins are released, thus avoiding more likely to fall into a depression and making us feel more relaxed.

Avoid Isolation

Another important factor that helps clear the mind and feel good about ourselves, maintain friendships and social relationships, as these reinforce our self-esteem to feel appreciated. The real friends tend to be people you can talk about our problems, assuming it always needed an emotional release.

Organize time well

One of the most common complaints is the lack of time when in fact, should be the bad administration. Make a plan of activities with the time we take the tasks that must be done and we would like to do, you can help and make it feasible to realize the latter, since we physically placed with a fixed schedule and reserved.

Monitor food

Everyone has experienced that it is better to get up a little hungry than the feeling of being full. No abuse of heavy dinners and healthy eating will be beneficial to our health and our mood, since we are much lighter for the day.

Visiting the doctor regularly

Do not neglect the little symptoms that we generate physical or mental discomfort. In many cases, early detection of various diseases can be an advantage for a cure.

Optimistic attitude toward life

One of the most important factors to be happy in life and therefore feel well, is the filter we use to integrate all the events that happen in our life story. If certain facts are perceived as serious, are more likely to generate a stress response in our bodies, if we interpret them as minor. Therefore, we strive to be more optimistic, avoid negative thoughts, think good times to write us joy, praise and give us moments of personal enjoyment can be obtained after the simple purchase of favorite perfume, listening to the last song in our artist preferred, or by simply placing a beautiful plant in a visible place that we like the view to pass by. Following these guidelines as far as possible, as we begin to notice the physical benefits that we report, we’ll get in the psychological pleasure that produces have met the objectives.