Tips for the symptoms of spring fever, you can implement quickly. No more tired and exhausted in the spring with herbal cure, sports and self-motivation.

Spring fever is an issue in every fourth man, one feels, despite sunshine and spring temperatures just no energy. You feel weak and tired, this listlessness and fatigue are considered the symptoms of spring fever. Some tips for the annual recurring impairment of quality of life can produce quickly and at no cost a new momentum.

Sport and exercise to help spring fever

An exercise program raises your spirits. It should be individualized according to level of performance and physical health between gentle exercise programs such as Callanetics and choose aerobic exercise such as jogging and swimming. Those who are regularly involved in sports, improves circulation and trains the heart and blood vessels. It is resilient and can feel the higher mobility and more zest for life. Relieve tensions and strengthen the immune system. The institutions have benefited a better supply of oxygen and the brain, the mental power is growing at an oxygen-rich blood supply.


Purify with a herbal cure – never more tired and dizzy

A purification of the body with a spring makeover with wild herbs can have considerable benefits. Of particular value for this treatment show ordinary wild herbs that are found on virtually all fields. It is this self collect or buy in the pharmacy as a tea. Nettle, St. John’s wort, dandelion, yarrow and sorrel can be found easily in nature, the fresh herbs are also sometimes used in the kitchen. Of young nettle tips is a delicious spinach or added a very small addition to the chopped spring soup. Dandelion leaves are plucked off at a young state, washed thoroughly, and mix them into a green salad. They taste savory and slightly bitter, but give the salad as an accompaniment with an unmistakable taste. The blood cleansing effect of both herbs, nettle and dandelion enormous. Who while his caloric intake slows a bit, with spinach and nettle Nesseltee has good support for weight reduction . Sorrel can also be used fresh in salads or steamed as a leaf vegetable and soup addition. A change of diet on vitamin-and mineral-rich foods also help against spring tiredness.

Symptoms of spring fever conquer mentally

The symptoms of spring fever, you can also conquer mentally, in connection with an herbal cure and little motion is mainly psychological tricks of effective self-motivation. You should treat yourself to something good, a bouquet of fresh flowers, a new piece of clothing or a renovation of the apartment. Optical pick-me are loving decorations, a well-stocked fruit bowl on the table or a spring-like floral arrangement. To create small goals that you put yourself to find a policy to systematically out of hibernation. The comfort in a warm room back in against a longer stay in the open air makes you want to exercise and meeting with friends. Together you can set cultural highlights or simply make an appointment just for a walk in the park.