When we talk about breast cancer, while we are talking about the cause of death of thousands of women worldwide. Not yet discovered the ultimate cure to treat this dreaded disease, but fortunately we do know a set of habits that help reduce your risk.One of the keys to keeping breast cancer out of our lives is to visit the doctor regularly and make appropriate checks. And of course, today start with healthy habits tell you then. Maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight does not help in treating cancer. Therefore, adopting a healthy eating plan along with physical activity. Just 11 minutes of brisk walking reduces by 20% the chances of contracting the disease. If you train three to four hours per week, the risk decreases to 50%.

Based Eat a balanced diet

Maintain a low-fat menu rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables is good for the whole body. However, there are some especially beneficial nutrients to combat breast cancer, such as vitamin A and beta-carotene present carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes. Vitamin D and calcium also help, so you add fish, milk, yogurt and cheese to your diet. Even to say that tea protects us from breast cancer.


Examine yourself

Like I said in the introduction, it is essential that you visit your gynecologist for annual examination realizable breasts. But it would be good that you yourself will realize breast self-examination once a month. Ideally, do a week of the period, when women have a lower level of estrogen and therefore, breasts are not as bulky. How do you do? Use the tips of your fingers and make small circles around the perimeter of the breast, without forgetting also examine the armpits.

Get familiar with your breasts

Thus, if an abnormality is present, the will sense immediately. A swollen node under the arm is a sign that you should watch. Also pay attention if your skin changes color or occurs with the appearance of an orange peel, if the nipple or breast size is changed significantly.