Oily hair can be a pain for the person concerned. Not only that, this feels uncomfortable, even for its environment is this sight uninspiring.

Oily hair mean to the person a significant blemishes. And who suffers once greasy hair, it usually gets quite difficult to get rid. Not only that oily hair look unkempt and unsightly, often the people suffer from this condition literally. Some tips for oily hair may help to tackle the problem at its root. But before Resorting to various remedies, should make sure, if perhaps not behind it a health issue.

If oily hair have a pathological cause

Often it is the sebaceous glands, which are responsible for oily hair. If they produce too much sebum, then oily hair is the result. And not only that, because if things get really bad, in the hair roots are suffocated. This in turn leads to dandruff and hair loss at worst. The reasons for this are mostly in the genes. But an unhealthy diet or drugs or other influences, such as stress or hormonal fluctuations can affect the scalp and the hair and thus have a negative effect on the production of sebum.


That you should definitely avoid at greasy hair

* Use preferably no hairbrush came to the hair, as they will only spread more fat in your hair.
Another no-go are creamy shampoos.
* Many people run on the misconception that you have to wash your greasy hair everyday. Unfortunately, this is a truck circuit, because it can not recover the scalp is irritated unnecessarily.
* Do not use several rinses and treatments.
* Avoid hot blow drying. This hair and scalp stretched unnecessarily.
* Likewise, you should avoid constantly go with your fingers through your hair, otherwise you massage the grease even more.

Seven tips for oily hair

1. If it is a severe case, you can not fail to consult a dermatologist. This will prescribe a medicine to the sebum that restores balance.
2. Use mild shampoo and wash your hair only every three days.
3. Wash your hair with lukewarm water, as hot or cold water to stimulate the production of sebum.
4. Wash the hair, preferably in the morning, because then the sebaceous glands are less active.
5. Massage the scalp regularly.
6. Prepare a mixture of lemon juice and 250 ml of boiled water and apply the conditioner after every wash.
7. Sunlamps, is also a useful measure for greasy hair. You should use about twice a week, the power of the sun lamp. It already meet five minutes.