Advances in eye surgery enable rapid patient recovery and decreased pre- and postoperative discomfort. But to get that everything runs in the best way, the patient must observe minimum measures before and after surgery. This care will be given to him by the medical and nursing team, so that after the intervention can you know the way home, you need to avoid discomfort and even lessen the anxiety the successive phases of the postoperative period. Then we explain to them that these measures are.

eye surgery


1. During the scan at the clinic, it must detail the medications commonly ingested and if suffer from any disease or known allergies.
2. It will be prescribed a treatment for eyelid hygiene, eyedrops as prophylaxis of infections and relaxing for you to be quiet the day of surgery.
3. The day before surgery wash your hair try to avoid having to do the same day of surgery or the day after, and shampoo it can irritate the eyes.
4. Do not be left with any questions or concerns : if something has not asked to please consult the medical care team.


1. Eyelids wipe the product was prescribed above, and the prescribed eye drops will be applied.
2. Remember to go see comfortably and not put on makeup. Become accompanied to the clinic by a person you trust to accompany you and stay with you the first few hours after surgery to help you administer the medication.
3. LASIK surgery takes about 10 minutes per eye, between the preparations and that proper intervention. The laser acts on the cornea 20 to 60 seconds. If it comes to cataract surgery or intramuscular lenses to correct refractive errors, the time you will be in the operating room will be about 25 minutes.


1. The surgeon and his team will inform you and your family, as surgery has elapsed and care to watch for his return home.
2. Wear sunglasses when it comes out of the clinic, taking great care not to scratch your eye with sideburns.
3. You can watch TV and eat something light.
4. Stay home and rest without physical exertion or heavy lifting.
5. You will feel blurry because it is newly tapped, but it will recover the vision throughout the day.
6. Use eye drops that have been prescribed and remember: you must not touch or rub the eye. His eye is very sensitive now.


1. You will have recovered about 90% of the vision and the rest will recover gradually until a month later.
2. The view will change, and in some moments of the day look better than others. Also fluctuate between an eye and another, and you will notice that sometimes looks better with one eye than the children. To do this is completely normal, and is part of the visual recovery.
3. You can read, watch TV and walk, as well as all indoor normal activities safely.
4. It will be controlled in the doctor’s office the next day and one week after surgery.
5. You can reinstate your regular work the next day, but if you can rest during the week after.