A good massage can calm the signs of fatigue and stress, providing an adequate dose of rest and relaxation for body and mind.

Stimulating the nerve endings and reactivate the circulation by gently massage can transport us into a higher state of physical and mental health. Caring about every detail, generate feelings that produce an effect of relaxation, Rest and renewal at all levels.

Relaxed atmosphere

For the occasion, choose a spacious, comfortable and clear. It will place a portable table with hole for the face, so that the person does not have to tilt your head, taking a stance natural and relaxed. However, if you do not have this type of table, bed or simply a comfortable enough surface for both the person who will be giving the massage and for those who receive it.


We must ensure a warm atmosphere to promote muscle relaxation. Then darken the room, opting for soft lighting candles placed in several different places. As important as this detail will be background music. Ideally, use melodies that integrate sounds of nature, such as ocean waves or tropical sounds. With this, we invite the mind to do an imaginary journey through unknown places.

Massage oils

The aroma emanating from some oils can act as an additional factor of relaxation. There are many massage oils, each with different properties, depending on their composition. Some of the ingredients used are:

¤ Azahar: ideal for marks and streaks on the skin.
¤ Rosa: possessing antidepressant properties.
¤ Orange: also has antidepressant effects in addition to acting against cellulite.
¤ Sweet Almond: indicated for dry skin because of its high moisturizing power.
¤ Coconut: Antioxidant and antiseptic, helps to balance the pH of the skin.
¤ Eucalyptus: its anti-inflammatory effect is often used in cases of muscle pain.
¤ Lavender: insomnia and acts positively on mood.
¤ Patchouli: to reduce stress levels.

These are just some examples of the large number of massage oils we can find. Your choice only depends on the needs we want to cover. A point to consider is not to forget the oil rub our hands before applying it (especially in winter) to avoid the cold sensation on the skin of whoever untemos. Rubbing the oil get to take their own body temperature, thus avoiding to have an impact on the temperature difference. Furthermore, this enables our hands to slide easily through the area to massage.

Areas to massage

The body areas most likely to get a massage often: back, legs, feet, hands and face. It is very important to make appropriate movements with extreme delicacy and softness. Never attempt descontracturar case without knowing the technique for that, otherwise, could result in injury. Therefore, our goal is the pursuit of a state of pleasure and well-being leading to a feeling of total relaxation.